Monday, March 08, 2010

They Party!

And when the ceremony is over (like it's always is in these cases) people relax and actually enjoy (or pretend at least!) and these are the photos I like most. It's nice to see poses and admire gorgeous dresses but more natural photos are always better eye candy. Here are some from the Vanity Fair party

So happy for Sandra Bullock, I haven't seen the film but she totally deserves some recognition

Taylor Lautner and Kirsten Stewart, her dad said last year that she would only go to the Oscars when she was part of a worth winning film, what happened here? :P

Oh Julia and Julie

I don't think she did

Cute (minus bizarre outfits... hmmm)

Images: vanity fair


  1. Oh some lovely shots! Sandra Bullock looked stunning as always.

  2. I'm so glad Sandra won!
    The Blind Side is a movie to see!!

    xoxo Laura

  3. I was SOOOO happy for Sandra!! I've always loved her! :)

  4. Ohhhhhh, I didn't see Julianne Moore last night. She looks tremendous!

  5. all of these photos are fantastic. it makes you feel like you are there and smiling with them all.

  6. love this candid shots! kathryn bigelow looks gorge by the way. she didnt look like a director, more like an actress!


  7. I relly like these photos you found.
    Your blog is beautiful!

  8. Está bien verlos sonreir a todos, incluso a Kirsten Stewart...
    Es una pena que se vea siempre tan triste o aburrida de la vida.
    Y Sandra también se ve alegre en estas fotos.
    No sé que te te parece a ti, pero yo la vi algo depre en la gala, además de bastante mas delgada y desmejorada. Tiene unos rasgos muy angulosos que se le marcan demasiado con la delgadez.

    Gracias por enseñarnos las fotos preciosa!

  9. Such great shots! I love how you chose to show the party pix :)

  10. Love the photos! I agree candid shots are much more appealing. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Some really great photos! Love the one and Sandra and Jesse--how freakin' adorable are those two?!

    Loved Cameron's dress and I thought Amy Adams looked great. Beautiful Maggie-Jeff Bridges photo. Not as big a fan of Diane Kruger's second dress but I'm always happy to see Pacey!

  12. Love these shots - the candid ones are always the fun ones.

  13. where did you find these?? i LOVE party pics!

  14. you're so right about these photos being much more fun to see! and you must, must, must go see the blind side. absolutely phenomenal. love your blog!

  15. Glad you loved them as much as I did!
    @ verry married: Got the from Vanity Fair, it was their party and I thought they would some some great photos and they did, plus I'm a big fan of VF!! Thanks for commenting xoxo

  16. what great oscar night photos,
    much better than them posing on the red carpet!


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