Tuesday, March 09, 2010


On Sunday I decided I had to have the it polish of the season, yes albeit a bit late but still and yes I'm talking about Chanel's Particuliere. I went all happy happy when i saw that it was there on Boots then I realised my dad was flying over to London so he could get it from Barcelona's airport. I emailed him with the info and apparently it was sold out all over the airport. Sad (plus not a great day at work). I went online at Boots just to realise that I misunderstood and it was also sold out, and everywhere else UK online based. Sad. And it was at least 30-35 pounds on Ebay, eeerm no. I asked my mum, my saviour, she went to a big shop in Barcelona and was sold out too. Disappointment, when I want something I really want it... You know. She told me "don't worry, I'll keep looking everywhere, I'll find it." And... she did, of course she did, as she always does. She is shipping it tomorrow and making me really happy! Thanks Mom, you are the greatest star ever (and mom of course)!! (and thanks dad for trying).
And Sandra bullock wore it at the Golden Globes, and she is THE girl of the moment ;)


  1. You were on quite a mission. Lovely color!


  2. Good luck finding it dear! It's a tough one to get. I haven't gotten my hands on it yet. I'm honestly not going crazy trying to find it because I don't know how it will look with my coloring...but I am curious :)

    And so funny that we're both Greek! We have a lot in common :) xoxo

  3. The colors I wear or I've seen are sort of blah...
    I've been looking for one of those extraordinary colors...and that's it! What a fab look!

  4. I love these girls! Great stuff :)


  5. What a lovely color -- and it looks fab on Sandra Bullock!
    xxoo Josie

  6. such the best color right now. im loving it too..
    so happy i found your little diary! it is lovely..i love to follow you!


  7. I love it! hope you find one!


  8. What a beautiful color! Glad your mom found it for you!!

  9. Hola Helena,

    Empecé a escribir en inglés pero me da tal pereza que voy a quedar de maleducada para el resto de tus lectoras y escribir en español ;)
    Me encanta este color! La última vez que me pintaron las uñas (yo no suelo hacerlo) en la peluquería me dieron a elegir varios colores y elegí un marrón mate un poco más oscuro que este, se sorprendieron de que escogiese ese color, al parecer era el que menos gustaba entre las clientas!!...
    Al ver esto hoy se me ha iluminado la cara :) y por cierto que familia! todos involucrados en la búsqueda.

  10. I love it. I got hold of the turquise one by chanel. So worried it will run out. x


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