Saturday, March 27, 2010

The nominees talk

These InStyle photoshoot is brilliant, I call it "confessions of a nominee". Incredible talented actresses share a dialogue between them about what inspired each of them from the other and give us really pretty photos. Halle Berry tells Whoopi Goldberg that her ability to be "her authentic self" is what inspires her, Whoopi confeses that there was a time she really wanted to hang out with Halle. The whole story and what they have to say here

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, London just gave us an incredible rain, once again.


  1. Adorable shoot. Katie looks stunning, as always.

    I was out on the market when the rain started. It was beautiful...everyone must have thought I was mad because I was standing in the middle of rain smiling. I felt alive...does that sound mad? have a lovely weekend.


  2. Wauw what a wonderful inspirational blog you have. I just don't know where to start :)!

  3. I HAVE to pick up this issue. Isn't Kate the best?


  4. These photos are gorgeous -- Reese looks amazing!
    xxoo Josie

  5. hi there :)

    just wanted to let you know you're the winner of my last weekly giveaway - the vintage tea towel journal -

    please email me your shipping address to and i'll forward on your details to giveaway host.


  6. oh my, thanks Tina! exciting!

    Dena, i absolutely know what you mean, I was in the balcony when it started raining I felt like going downstairs and dance in the rain :)

    Mariska, thank you, you are so sweet!

    Blondie´s Journal, I love Kate, she is a ntaural, but Reese is one of my favs too!

    Josie, I love Reese too

    Thanks lovelies for coming over and leaving your beautiful comments, you make me smile! xoxo

  7. They really do such wonderful portraits in InStyle. On eof my favorite features of the magazine.

  8. What gorgeous and talented Woman! I love Kate and Reece so much. I'll go see any movie they're in!! Love posts like these, so glad I stopped by :-)

  9. you're awesome Helena!! i dig this post!! they look so pretty and so beautiful.. i'll go check out what they said.. thanks luv!!

    hope you enjoy your sunday.


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