Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Stuff Series **So about what I said...**

Now, who doesn't love Melissa? she makes us smile, laugh, dream, cry. She inspires me, completely, she writes to her future husband, and let me tell you, she tells him things I would love to tell my man :P (I love you baby!) Yes Melissa, you absolutely rock darling! I am honored to have her today in My Stuff. Thank you so much!

Favorite Discovery: POLO SHIRTS!! A few years ago, I started wearing them in all different colors one summer, and I honestly fell in love with them. I love how each shirt is unique, and every time I wear them, they just make me smile. I've even dubbed April-October as Polo Shirt Season, and have an entire Facebook photo album titled Polos on Parade. Is that weird? 
Favorite Place in the World: My home. I'm a homebody and have always been one! There's something so comforting about just staying home, curling up with a cup of cocoa and watching my favorite show, Frasier, with my mom. Plus, I get some of my best writing done at home; my room is a great place for thinking! 
Style Icons: I'll be the first to admit that I'm just now getting a sense of style. I never really cared much before, but I'm finding it fun to discover pieces such as vintage jewelry. I'm really, really into that right now...etsy has sort of become an addiction! As far as style goes, there's nothing better than a classic look. Mad Men is one of my favorite show in part for the awesome '60's fashions. I love Joanie's style! 
Favorite Designer: Yeah, honestly, I need some help in that department....anyone willing to tutor me?
Favorite Movie: I'm probably the only person on the planet who has seen this movie over 100 times, but the '80's film, Shag, is my absolute favorite! It's a great coming-of-age movie about 4 friends (again, set in the '60s...hmmmm, do I have a '60s obsession?) and their last summer hurrah before they all go their separate ways. It's got great music too, which I love.

Clothes  Need you ever ask...POLO SHIRTS!!!! 
Jeans: Because of my disability and my odd body proportions, I've never been able to wear jeans. I always say that if I get rich one day, I'm going to hire a tailor to make me some jeans for my 4-foot frame! 
Underwear: I'm a fan of bright colors! 
Watch: Ahh, I used to wear the coolest watch, all colorful, but I lost it. That reminds me...I should get a new one! 
Day dress and day bag: Again, I'll need a tailor for that dress (I prefer it to be very sparkly and the kind I can twirl around in) and as for a day bag, does my wheelchair's basket count? I've got way too much stuff in there. At any one time, you could probably find a dollar's worth of loose change, a couple Hershey's kisses and occassionally, the random PEZ dispenser. Have I ever shared with you my undying love for PEZ dispensers? 
Evening Dress: Oh, tailor.....!!! 
Shoes: Because of my disability, I've always had to get custom-made shoes! And those babies aren't cheap here...we're talking $600 a pair! Maybe they're like the Jimmy Choo's of custom-made shoes?

Home Inspiration: There's nothing like a good lamp. My sister found this great bedside lamp recently, and I love to write by it at night. It really sets a calming mood. 
Favorite Art: I've always loved The Impressionists. A cliche, I know, by there's something about seeing art as these great artists saw the world around them 
Bedding: Kohl's, but as long as I've got a comfy pillow, I'm bound to sleep like a baby. Stationery: I keep a journal and always get those awesome hard-bound journals from Barnes & Noble. 
Coffee table books: Definitely Stephen Colbert's I Am America...And So Can You. I've got quite the crush on that guy. In fact, any guy who makes me laugh will pretty easily steal my heart.
Flowers: I love the smell of lilacs in the spring!

I don't wear perfume, but I still have a bottle of my grandmother's signature scent. Every time I smell it, it brings back so many happy childhood memories.
Moisturizer/Mascara: Is it bad I don't wear any sort of makeup? I love my natural look.
Shampoo: I actually don't have a preference
Soap: Well, I loooved Dial until I realized I was gave me a rash. Right now, I'm loving Irish Spring. The scent is heavenly!

Melissa thank you so much!!


  1. these are always such fun posts!!! :) hope you are having a super day lady!!!!

  2. I always look forward to these posts. Yet another good one!

    PS ~ I totally read The Vampire Diaries last year. And I actually prefer the TV show to the books. Weird, I know!

  3. OMG. love her!!! I have a crush on Stephen Colbert too... seriously.. I think i giggle everytime I see him!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the movie Shag! My friends and I watched it over and over in college...

  5. A mi tambiƩn me encanta el estilo de Joani, eso es una mujer de verdad! En realidad me gusta todo el estilo de la serie, los trajes de ellos y los fabulosos vestidos de ellas. Es todo un icono de estilo. Besitos!

  6. Hi, thanks for sending me such great questions! I was honored that you asked!!! :)

    p.s. looove the pic of the polo shirts!! I'm wearing my first one of the season tomorrow!! xoxo

  7. Very cute post... who doesn't love Joan? she is amazing!


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