Thursday, March 04, 2010

Made just for you

I have been coveting Ferragamo's Varina for a long time, I really like them, so classic and chic, a statement piece but I'm scared... I have over sensitive feet and I'm scared they will hurt me... so I'm not taking the risk to spend a small fortune and instead I'm staying loyal to my beloved French Sole (I'm also scared of Tory Burch and her Revas ... I know, sad). Last year the Ferragamo house launched a limited edition series of shoes and bags, based on classic models work in the past by Audrey Hepburn, Evita Peron and Marilyn Monroe among others. They flew... of course. This year the Ponza and the Capri will be reproduced in numbered quantities and only made to measure at some of his shops. You go, they measure you, you get a handmade piece of italian fashion history (and in between you pay the big bucks sorry I forgot!). Gorgeous.


  1. I want a pair, they are adorable with the bows.

    hope your well darling. weekend is getting closer for you. I will be working all weekend but my best friend visiting me for a week starting on monday yippi.


  2. They're perfect! I love the big toe bow :)

  3. Love the Varina - and love these too! Great pick!

  4. These bows are darling! And I'm OBSESSED with Revas, but am terrified that I'd somehow ruin them or wear them out because I'd literally wear them every day.
    xxoo Josie

  5. Que pena que sean tan caros :(

    Besos desde decoratualma!


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