Friday, March 26, 2010

Jen & Ger

Apparently they are not together, or something like that, or maybe they were never really together... they were supposed to attend the Oscars together and then he cancelled and now she is mad at him, or something like that again. To the point, have you seen the steamy W editorial with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler role playing? HOT! and the photographer is the same that shot Brad and Angelina (you know... the happy family) just after Jen and brad broke up. Ouch!
Jennifer looks amazing and Gerard... well... just check it out. I'll leave it there ;)


  1. Jennifer looks absolutely beautiful -- although I can't say I'm surprised in the slightest!
    xxoo Josie

  2. this is such a different side of jennifer aniston. love it...especially the bottom photo.

  3. Hola guapa!!!aprovecho para desearte un feliz fin de semana!!

  4. She is so stunning. The girl ext door type, you can't help but adoring her.
    They would make a beautiful couple. Imagine their babies ;)


  5. Maravillosa la foto de Jennifer en el coche!!!
    Para mi gusto él es un poco troglodita, jajaja...
    Pero tiene su puntito de morbo canalla ;)

    Besos guapa y happy weekend!

  6. Jennifer Aniston looks so good here. And I've always loved Gerard Butler!

  7. She looks so stunning in these photos.

  8. I think Gerard Butler is super hot, but is it just me or does he look kinda hilarious on that cover? His expression cracks me up...

    Jen is cute. I guess it must be hard to be the girl everyone feels bad for. I mean, I'm sure her life is pretty fab even if Brad Pitt dumped her a million years ago.

  9. They really are great photos of her. I've heard some people here in the US are tearing her apart for this shoot. People need to get a life :)

  10. gah I saw this cover for the first time today and my jaw dropped. GORGEOUS. jen is most def my girl-crush!

  11. Gerard Butler is my absolute favorite thing to look at, maybe ever. These photos are so dramatic, I love them! Thanks for sharing them!

  12. Jennifer Aniston is gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing. Sometimes celebrity gossip is fun.

  13. Oh my!!! Amazing photo shoot. They both looks gorgeous. I just hope they stay natural. So many celeb's are altering themselves with plastic surgery and it is so obvious! It has become an acceptable form of beauty now to "look" like you had it done. What happened to aging gracefully?



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