Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Best dressed woman

Caroline Sieber is a Chanel ambassador... what is that? I don't really know but sounds cool. Sieber is a London based stylist, Austrian and came to London to be what? an accountant! oh yes! She is responsible for Emma Watson's incredible and super stylish transformation from geeky girl Hermione to super starlet. And what does she wear? everything? that is, everything that is gorgeous. Apparently she never wears twice the same outfit (well I wouldn't either if I had a choice, and her choice)  She has just been voted THE best dressed woman by Tatler magazine, not bad I would say. 

Images: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here 


  1. Caroline is a beautiful lady and her clothes are fabulous. She has incredible style and deserves the honor. Congratulations, Caroline!

    Thanks for sharing, Helena!


  2. She has the most gorgeously shiny hair. I want!

  3. She has some amazing clothes - oh to be in that closet!

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  4. She has incredible style. How can one apply to be a Chanel ambassador? ;)

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  5. Those cage heels are CRAZY amazing; she does look absolutely spectacular in every one of these pictures! Bravo to Tatler, what a fantastic pick!
    xxoo Josie

  6. i'm loving that red jacket :)

  7. Caroline is always well turned out.

    Love the shoes in the fifth photo.

  8. She is so gorgeous. And does seem to have amazing style!

  9. style is an a+ but what does she actually do?!


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