Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Stuff Series **Una mosca en la Luna**

Una Mosca en la Luna is  Alicia. Alicia is the first spanish blogger I found, and it got me really excited (and hooked in minutes). I was hooked because she talks design, and she really talks gorgeous design. Moreover Alicia has an amazing inspiration folder here on Tumblr, you must go check it out. Alicia blogs in Spanish and is extremely sweet and even if you can't read Spanish, please pop over to check the eye candy. 

Favorite Discovery: Online Shopping, I think there is something magic when you receive something from Japan or Australia, things that would be impossible to find in my city.
Favorite Place in the World: As Dorothy used to say “There’s no place like home”. I love places like Sintra in Portugal or Positano in Italy fairy  tales places. 
Style Icons: I usually pay attention to the people in the street, to me these re the true style icons, there's nothing like checking out The Sartorialist. I'm really not a fashion victim, I'm very pratical, basic and wear timeless pieces. 
Favorite Designer: Twenty Century classics like Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Charles & Ray Eames, Fornasetti, scandinavian design, Arne Jacobsen, Verner panton, Eero Saarinen, Marimekko,...
Favorite Movie: It all depends on the moment, lately I'm hooked to BBC's adaptations of the classics like  Austen, Dickens, Gaskell... Not long ago I watched Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard which I love, but my taste is varied, I go from period stories to science fiction. 

Jeans: * I try on what I like and if it fits me and my budget I take it, I don't pay attention to the brand. 
Underwear: Verdissima, Lovable, Etam...
Watch: I don't usually wear one but not long ago I was lucky with a MJW Ciclops.
Day dress and day bag: *Basic colors, jeans, shirts, jackets... I always try to wear comfortable clothes that suit me and my bags are leather and big ones to fit in 1000 of things. 
Shoes: * I don't have favorite brands and designers, I am loyal to Clarks for the day to day because of their comfort. I have some heels that I bought on sale from Guy Laroche and guess and s pair o Paul Smith ballerinas. 

Inspiration: blogs, blogs and more blogs... Ad Spain, Elle Deco UK, Lonny Magazine
Favorite Art: The colors of Fauvism, the figure of pre-raphaelian, all the sceneries from Turner, the video-art of Bill ViolaCharlie Harper´s illustrations, Alphonse Muchas' advertisements, the lonely scenes of Edward Hopper,Rex Ray's compositions, Julien Pacaud's collages and many more artists that I got to know through Etsy like Yellena James, Matte Stephens, Lisa Congdon, Leah Giberson, Kareem Rikz...
Bedding: 100% cotton (if it's Egyptian even better). Soft colors. 
Stationery: I love letterpress and I'm Obsessed with Print and Pattern.
Coffee table books: I can hardly resist to Taschen books, the last Fashion book,  All American ads 1900-1919 and the last one on my list is The World of Ornament.
Flowers: Peonies (very difficult to find here)  and white roses. 

Perfume: Ralph Lauren Romance o Lacoste pour femme
Moisturizer: Apivita First line
Mascara: Lancôme Amplicils Black
Shampoo: Schwarzkopf Bonacure volume boost
Soap: Il Frutteto de Nesti Dante, I brought them from Florence and love their smell.

Thank you Alicia, what a pleasure having you here today. Gracias, de todo corazon. 

Images: herehere, here, here


  1. Besos para Helena y para Alicia!
    Dos grandes fuentes de inspiración para mi.

  2. Beautiful blogger! I wish I knew Spanish! I might just have to translate just to read her blog! Love the profile, great post!

  3. Helena! muchísimas gracias por mencionarme en tu precioso blog y tener unas palabras tan bonitas, you make my day! ;)

  4. iiQué bien conocerte un poquito más Alicia!!

  5. Fun post! Thanks for the new links!

  6. Love this post!
    Have a nice day!

  7. Great post! I love all those illustrations :)

  8. Thanks for introducing us to Alicia x

  9. Yay! Peonies are such a lovely, lovely flower. They're definitely in my top 3.

    I'm replying to you soon dear!

  10. Una entrevista muy original! Confieso que tuve que recurrir al diccionario en varias ocasiones :(
    Qué se puede esperar de Helena & Alicia? No podía salir nada malo...
    Besos, de una fiel seguidora!

  11. Fantastic blog and interview, xx

  12. Me ha encantado conocerte un poquito más a fondo Alicia.


  13. Es de verdad un blog encantador, realmente, Alicia vive en "un país de maravillas"!

  14. goooood! ha encantado leer un poco más de Alicia :)

  15. Helena,

    I had come across "Una mosca..." by chance, I am happy to have discovered another lovely blog! Alicia, I couldn't agree with your more, AD Spain, Elle Deco UK and the new Lonny are my favorite (although AD Spain may be a bit too avantgarde sometimes and Lonny a bit too stuffy sometimes...) but I love them!

  16. Vertigo is one of my favorite movies from the seventies !

  17. This is truly amazing I like the work that you have done.Thanks for sharing new Art.I think you will be successful..

  18. I enjoyed this. Great articles you have provided with very lovely pics. You are very creative.


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