Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love is in the Air

beautiful couple by Jessica Bennett, I'm really loving her work which I discovered through Riffle Design blog (me very obsessed with Riffle, really... nooo, REALLY!)


  1. this shot is so dreamy. :)

  2. Hi! i was reading a comment you left on a blog which I've already forgot the name of (sorry!) about Tavi (regarding grandma fashion style) and was wondering who Vanessa is? I'd also like to check out her blog. also, i love your blog style!

  3. lovely picture....took me somewhere else for a second. x

  4. Don't feel badly, we're all obsessed with Rifle!

  5. So gorgeous -- simple, romantic, fun. Completely fabulous.
    xxoo Josie

  6. Thank you for blogging about us, you can check out more from this shoot that I just posted! Keep checking back for things to come in the near future!


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