Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Julia you are my heroine

We all know about Julie and Julia, no? of course! I watched it first time on Saturday and Julia Child is my new heroine. And Julie too, what a colossal project, I really enjoyed the movie, because of the food, because of Julia and Julie, because of the challenge and probably because of the blogging. We are talking about 2002, blogging wasn't what it's now, and Julie's first post is the preamble of a small odysea. Here it is

Sunday, August 25, 2002

The Book:
"Mastering the Art of French Cooking". First edition, 1961. Louisette Berthole. Simone Beck. And, of course, Julia Child. The book that launched a thousand celebrity chefs. Julia Child taught America to cook, and to eat. It’s forty years later.  Today we think we live in the world Alice Waters made, but beneath it all is Julia, 90 if she's a day, and no one can touch her.
The Contender:
Government drone by day, renegade foodie by night. Too old for theatre, too young for children, and too bitter for anything else, Julie Powell was looking for a challenge. And in the Julie/Julia project she found it. Risking her marriage, her job, and her cats’ well-being, she has signed on for a deranged assignment.
365 days. 536 recipes. One girl and a crappy outer borough kitchen.
How far will it go? We can only wait. And wait. And wait…..
The Julie/Julia Project. Coming soon to a computer terminal near you.
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I love how she started writing without knowing she would have millions followers and fans, as her Saint husband puts it, the blogging world is truly an amazing one. Going back to the point, I love to cook and Julia Child has made me realise I want more and more, I want to learn to make tasty and rich beef dishes (like the Boeuf Bourguignon) and buttery chocolate cakes, and soups (that I never make) and eggs, I want, ladies, to master the art of french cooking, just like Julia did years ago and just like Julie did to prove herself. No, I won't go into any kind of craziness cooking like a manic, I'll just buy the book and make some favorites, I'll let you know how it goes :) Meanwhile let me swoon over Julia's kitchen, now a permanent fixture at the Smithsonian and her beautiful house in Cambridge (now and back then, published by Architectural Digest - the house was sold and the kitchen donated by Julia when she retired and moved to Cali). Julia's kitchen reproduction in the movie is also to die for (last picture).

Julia's original kitchen now at the Smithsonian

Julia's house in Cambridge, now and then

The kitchen at the film set, by set decorator Susan Bode Tyson
Images: here, here, here, here 


  1. I so love this post! I have Julia Child's book and I don't think I could ever do what Julie did!


  2. Oh I absolutely need Julia's book!!
    Have a nice day!

  3. Helena:
    DON'T buy Mastering until you've read Julia Child's, My Life in France. I just finished it, and it will give you an immense perspective on what it took for her to put together that monumental ode to classic, French cuisine.

  4. I love Julia Child, and I love that wall of pans in her home!

  5. Great post! Julie & Julia is one of my favorite movies!!

  6. I still haven't seen this movie -- its on my list!

  7. love the movie, too!

    just adorable.

  8. i loved the movie too. it totally inspired me to start cooking again and I actually tackled Boeuf Bourguignon. delish!!! u should totally give it a shot :)

  9. She was amazing. My mom got me all her cookbooks when we moved into our house. Made popovers with her recipe just the other day!

  10. I loved the movie so much! I thought it was so inspiring. And made me hungry!



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