Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ceil Chapman

Some days ago I saw something that surprised me but also really excited me. Gorgeous model Sophie Dahl wore a vintage dress of one of my favorites, Ceil Chapman. Some years back, when I was totally obsessed with Ebay and vintage Ceil Chapman was one of my daily searches, I never managed to buy anything but the memory is still there. Seeing Sophie Dahl in this beautiful dress makes me swoon. She is like the Marchesa of her time or that's what Style says. She was Marilyn's favorite! She created her gowns for her first public appearance for a love audience, the US troops in Korea. 

And I adore her vintage ads. This pink bubbly is gorgeous. 


  1. I love that pink gown, thanks for stopping by, Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!!

  2. These are gorgeous. Sophie looks stunning in hers. x

  3. These are so incredibly gorgeous! That pink dress in the middle is INCREDIBLE.
    xxoo Josie

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  6. Love the new look! It's fantastic. I'm shopping around for a new blog layout too :)

    Oh and how about that lovely pink dress in the photo above? To die for!

  7. So, so gorgeous! I love that last dress and coat the best - perfectly elegant.


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