Monday, February 15, 2010

Blogger Mashup {What Inspires me}

Today it's my blogger mashup turn. I'm really excited I'll be honest. You probably know the story, Victoria from SfgirlbyBay thought it would be interesting to share what inspires us each of it, it would also be a great opportunity to get to meet other bloggers, and well... she put it forward and got 300 replies, 300 blogger who wanted to participate, and that's the blogger mashup! So Victoria, smart as she is, decided to divide the 300 bloggers into 10 groups, I'm in group #1 and the lead was amazing Ez from Creature Comforts , I'm so honoured to be in her group because i admire her so much. I got the "torch" from A Beautiful Party who blogged about her inspirations on Friday.   

And the question is... What inspires me... some are here...

I'm a visual person, everything gets to me from the eye, and everything beautiful inspires me. I am a sucker for colorful things, whatever these are.  They can be m&m's, cupcakes, pink frosting, jewelry, cooking utensils, anything really. I'm a sucker for good marketing and good packaging.

Fashion for sure, is a great source of inspiration and people who do fashion right, street fashion, and people who catch these trend setters, like the Sartorialist. Because street fashion is the best, even if this one is the impressive one. When I was younger, one of my daily stops was Style and their street fashion feature. I loved it. I guess The Sartorialist is a grown up version.  
Homes. I love individuality, prettiness, gorgeous homes like this apartment, owner Lizzie Bailey works in an antique gallery and has a passion for interior design, can you tell? 
Via: Lonny February

Magazines: I have so many I don't know how to store them anymore, they are everywhere, here and back at home in Barcelona (I have a huge collection of Vogue Spain, and my mum knows better than throwing them). From fashion, to decoration, to politics and anything in between. Just give me some "beautiful" magazines, because yes they still need to be beautiful (even if it's the Times).

Weddings: So much, too much, obsessively. The whole lot: planning, festivity, organization, happiness, colors, family, dresses, flowers, friends, photography...

Via: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here 

Blogs: Well what can I say that you don't know (and probably feel) yourselves. The Internet and all the amazing blogs and bloggers gives me tons and tons of inspiration. Thank you to all.

My Family: My Mom especially and grandma. My mom who is there no matter what, cheering me up and supporting me, my mum=and best friend. 

My sweet sweet BF: Who is there supporting me in everything silently, smiling and cheering me up when necessary, making my day brighter and  giving me incredible strength -the one who I want to spent my life with and grow old together. The one who cooks yummy dishes to make me happy -like the pasta he made yesterday for Vday. (Incredibly he allowed me to post a one and only picture for this post) :)

Tomorrow you can read what inspires A la Mode, can't wait. You can also read what inspires 9 other amazing bloggers today, I will: Mocking Bird, Bread of Many, Paper & Thread, Darcy Rogers, Seek and Find Design, Green Chair Studio, Swoonette, La Dolce Vita, The Yellow House in the U.
I would also want to thank Victoria for putting all this together, a great experience!    


  1. Loved reading all your inspirations. Sounds like you had a great valentines, and more importantly have someone very special to share it with. There's nothing better :)

  2. What a great list and I share many of the same loves - fashion, beauty, wedding love, and of course the loves in my life!

  3. I loved this. x

    ps. That pasta your lovely bf cooked looks so delicious.

  4. I was just thinking to myself what a sucker I am for good packaging. It seems like every holiday and comes around, I see all these cute holiday candies, treats, and gifts, and I want to buy them all simply because it looks cute in the special package. It's cool that someone else has a weakness for that. Great post!

  5. Oh gosh, loved reading AND looking at this entry! So many wonderful inspirations!

  6. This post was absolutely gorgeous -- we have many of the same inspirations, and I love the pictures you chose!
    xxoo Josie

  7. this is one amazing post dear. i love having inspirations as much i'm honored to inspire others.


  8. what an amazing post! i loved reading all of it. you're fantastic, love :)

  9. A diary of lovely inspiration...yes indeed

  10. Lovely post. All of the pictures are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  11. beautiful post, your blog is new to me (visiting through blog it forward) and i will be sure to be back frequently.

    ps obsessed with both of the tables in the wedding shots- gorgeous!

  12. Your blog is adorable, I love the design!

  13. Another sucker for packaging right here. :) Glad you got into blogging, your blog is really cute. Enjoy the rest of Blog It Forward!

  14. I'm sure this is the list from a lovely person ;) me ha encantado y me siento muy identificada con algunas de las cosas que has contado.
    I love your blog!

  15. this post makes me smile. : ) Thank you!!

  16. very beautiful post! glad I could pass the torch to such a great blogger!

  17. Blog-it-forward catch-up time! Only on the fifth day and I'm already behind. This is an awesome collection of such interesting people, places and things! That bowtie pasta looks so tasty!

  18. A truly inspiring post! I love this serious. The pics you chose for the wedding section are so spot on. Mind if I take a few for my own wedding?! :)


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