Monday, February 22, 2010

BAFTAs and Twilight

SO what do you think about Twilight? I know random question, but there is a reason no fear... The Twilight stars took the BAFTAs by storm and Kirsten Stewart won the Rising Star Award ( I wonder... well maybe not as it was voted by the public...), RobP presented an award (don't you think he really looks his actual age here?). I don;t especially like Stewart's look (but to be honest I never really do). I'm really liking Harry Potter star, Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower. 

I because no everything is Twilight (no?) here are some other gorgeous ladies (and gents)

Images: here and here 


  1. I am just not a fan of Kristin Stewart, and not really even of Rob either. I do love the girl from Harry Potter though, she looks stunning. Love how she wears a subtle color that shows off her gorgeous hair color. And the girl from Up in the Air & Twilight looks amazing, so pretty!

  2. Kisses for Helena.
    He has been named a finalist for the award "soul of February." VOTE FOR HELENA!!! ;)

    Besitos preciosa!!!

  3. I am really not a Kristin Stewart person. Her style just doesn't appeal to me, and she never quite seems THERE in interviews. However, I LOVE Bonnie Wright; I think she's gorgeous. And she looks absolutely amazing here -- what a great color to show off her hair!
    xxoo Josie

  4. Bonnie Wright looks gorgeous! I remember seeing her in one of the first Harry Potter movies, and now she looks so grown up. (Which makes me feel very old!)

  5. Bonnie Wright is divine. And Kristen Stewart looks like a hot mess, as usual.

  6. Wow, Bonnie has grown up to be so beautiful! Stewart, ack, never liked her. plus always seems high, same goes for the Pattinson guy.


  7. OMG Audrey Tautou looks so stunning.

  8. Kristen and Rob are both kinda ehh looking here.

    I love Audrey Tatou's fun look!

  9. Ah, Tom Ford. Love Audrey's look.

    I love the Twilight books.

  10. i LOVE Audrey! loving the pink dress & red lip. so stunning and young & chic.

  11. Bonnie Wright looks amazing. One of my favourite looks was Anna Kendrick! I love the dress she's wearing.


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