Monday, January 18, 2010

Working girls

Teen Vogue... yes yes, "teen" vogue... has a great thing... It's kind of a cool magazine, the size is handy and the photo shoots of young celebrities are always kind of cool and quirky in an extremely stylish way. But what I find more interesting is the behind the scenes footages. And you know why I like it that much? because somehow you can see the real face f these young celebrities, laughing, grimacing, waiting, posing, getting groomed... No? Rachel Bilson is the cutest, waiting patiently, Leighton Meister brought her dog, her terrier Jack on set, cute? I think so. Dakota Fanning is like a little porcelain doll and Jessica Szohr is... well to me she is what we know her for, the girl next door, simple and with a big smile. I would have added Kirsten Stewart but I found her behind the scenes kind of annoying (a bit like her when she's giving an interview?)... 
Because these girls are also simple humans.


  1. just stumbled across your blog, and may i say that you are absolutely adorable! love your posts, so fun and creative. cheers!

  2. Love it...I just love how natural and simple everything is...I ESPECIALLY love that it is a teen magazine and they are not pushing this "fake" beauty. Natural is SO in these days and I adore it!

  3. Love when you see how nice celebs can be! It's so inspiring.

  4. Rachel Bilson is a doll face.
    super sweet too (we have a mutual friend).

    Great post my dear.

  5. looks like a super lovely sets!
    Happy new week!

  6. i so agree! love what they do with celebs in Teen Vogue. and these behind the scene photos are great! thx for posting them :)

  7. it's so refreshing to see celebrities with their guard down every once in awhile!

    that dakota fanning is positively adorable... what a lovely young woman she has turned out to be!

  8. beautiful girls x


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