Thursday, January 07, 2010


Bedrooms are probably the most private of one's house/apartment. We all try to make it the most comfortable we can/know/can afford and of course the prettiest and loveliest. I especially love pretty beds with impressive (or just plain simple) bedding. I love the smell of freshly washed linen and white pillows and bold colors. I think a good bed can dramatically change the personality of the bedroom but what I adore more in a bedroom are vanity tables, or dressing tables. They are so personal and reflect the owner individuality so right that I can't stop spying them. Cheerful colors, vintage accessories and bright beads can be great details. I have a chest of draws with a simple mirror where I hang all my bits and bobs, with some knickknacks that I adore. It makes me happy to keep it organised and have everything in hand, what about you?

Images: Peacock Feathers, Graham & Green, Apartment Therapy, Marie Claire Maison, Wary Meyers 


  1. must have carrie's vanity!

  2. I was totally about to say the same thing about Carrie's vanity...*Drool!*

    I am all about organization and having my things right where I want them in a perfect little organized spot!

    My hubby and I just recently moved to Peru and are a little short on furniture- and I have been keeping my eye out for the PERFECT vanity! Fortunately, for me, there are some fabulous markets here with amazing handcrafted furniture! YAY!

    Just stopping by from the 20sb "We Love Comments" site!

    Happy New Year!

  3. i love that first vanity.

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure

  4. Yes- I looove vanities. MYydream is to have one in my future home. :) Carrie's is my fave here. Happy weekend!

  5. i am a firm believer that a vanity is a necessity. mine happens to be a small vintage sewing table and it's in the bathroom, but it's mine. all mine.

  6. this is so funny that i stumbled across your blog...which is fabulous, by the way. i didn't see myself as a vanity person, but i'm seriously considering turning my desk into a vanity table in my new apartment since i have more room in my bedroom. the desk kind of looks like a vanity table already. i think you may have convinced me.

  7. such great pictures! i love vanitys! i have one in my bedroom. it actually was an oval glass desk with two layers of glass that i won in a raffle. i used to work at Revlon and the desk was a prop in a photoshoot. i haven't thought about that story in years! thanks for bringing back good memories :)

    have a great weekend!!!

  8. Gorgeous photos! Have a great weekend XOXO


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