Thursday, January 28, 2010

UK's favorite girl is going to the States

Americans get ready, Britain's sweetheart is taking over! Cheryl Cole is coming to the States by the hand of her new mentor, Simon Cowell! We all know Simon Cowell and how influential he is, don't we? Watching American Idol at the moment! Apparently he is planning to bring to the States the X Factor and also his favorite judge, the tiny gorgeous Cheryl. For those who don't know Cheryl joined the judges of the song contest in 2008 and became something like an overnight sensation, yes, we knew who she was (a girlband member) but what we didn't know is that the girl HAS style and is not just another WAG (wife and girlfriend). She had a so so history with fashion (tracksuits, bizarre hair color etc etc) and suddenly here she comes wearing these amazing outfits and being the sweetest person ever. Honestly, YOU WILL LOVE HER! It won't be another Alexa Chung, promise! (i do like Alexa don't take me wrong, but we all knew she wasn't exactly fitting the bill...)


  1. She's stunning!
    Have a nice day,

  2. I think Cheryl Cole is very pretty. There was that time she was getting scary skinny but she's a beautiful woman.

  3. Don't know about her, but she has great style!

  4. oooh i can't wait! i really love her and we never get to see her here. i used to buy Hello! all the time just to check her out. she's come a looong way in terms of her wardrobe thankfully! :)


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