Wednesday, January 13, 2010

That orange box

I saw this oil on canvas by Libby Black and it reminded me how much I like these orange boxes, yes, THE orange Hermes boxes. I imagine it's great to get one and open it, and be excited (no idea, never had the chance) that you are actually opening an Hermes box that contains something from THE shop, maybe a scarf (or a Birkin ??)? But what I like so much is how they can become a decorative item, that will give a pinch os salt to any room. These and the green Tiffany boxes are my favorite, I like how nice they look together.  Look. Love it? hate it? I know, it's just orange boxes, but still... they do look nice (btw, you can easily find them on Ebay- empty of course). 

Hermes Boxes 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas 2007 by Libby Black - I kind of really really like it


  1. I need some!

    I absolutely love highly saturated orange things.
    A little storage box is just what I need.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Orange is one of my new obsessions. Our walls are orange in our new apartment in Peru! I NEVER thought Orange would be a staple color in my home, but it feels SO authentic so most of our decor matches the I just need some accent colors to liven up the place!

  3. I always say...hook up a tv cable box in Hermes store & I'll move in!

  4. i've always dreamed of opening one of those boxes too. {sigh} day :)

    and i do love that shade of orange. i have a beautiful wrap & a pair of boots that color and it just feels so luxe!

  5. Ah! A Hermes box. My husband proposed with the blue Tiffany box and I still have the box because, well, it's the Tiffany box!

  6. I love the painting by Libby Black. Going to check out her website!

  7. Right there with you - love 'em - and just might have to head towards an Ebay purchase!


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