Saturday, January 09, 2010

Remember me

By now, you probably know that I'm a Twilight girl (if I had kids, with my age I should be called a Twilight Mom... imagine...!), it's not a secret and I'm not ashamed of it, I love Twilight and I enjoyed so much reading the books, my BF (and many men out there) don't seem to understand why the mania, I think Erin at Elements of Style wrote a great explanation for her brother but i can't find it right now. The point is that we love twilight because of the characters, because of Edward (not Robert Pattinson, just Edward) because of that first love passion and power, because he is what we women have dreamt we would find. But anyway, this isn't about Twilight, it's about Robert pattinson and his new (non Twilight, sigh...) movie... that I have to admit, I want to watach badly, not because it's HIM (probably also because it's HIM) but mainly because I have a felling it's going to be a good movie, a sweet drama story that many of us will like. 
The synopsis reads: "In the romantic drama Remember Me, Robert Pattinson plays Tyler, a rebellious young man in New York City who has a strained relationship with his father (Pierce Brosnan) ever since tragedy separated their family. Tyler didn’t think anyone could possibly understand what he was going through until the day he met Ally (Emilie de Ravin) through an unusual twist of fate. Love was the last thing on his mind, but as her spirit unexpectedly heals and inspires him, he begins to fall for her. Through their love, he begins to find happiness and meaning in his life. But soon, hidden secrets are revealed, and the circumstances that brought them together slowly threaten to tear them apart. Remember Me is an unforgettable story about the power of love, the strength of family, and the importance of living passionately and treasuring every day of one’s life." (Apple Trailers) You can also watch the trailer over there, for now I'm leaving you with the poster (drooling...and jealous of the Lost girl - when is Lost back btw, can't wait for the final season! has anyone here have the same feeling? it's been TOO long!)


  1. Romantic 100%? me too, even I'm not a very big fan of Twilight (I haven't read the books). In New Moon I can't understand why Bella prefers a thin and pale vampire than a strong and healthy wolfman ;)

  2. *Drool* Edward.....Gotta love him. I havent heard of this movie yet and now Im intrigued!

  3. I saw the trailer for this when I was watching New Moon--not a surprise!--and it looked pretty good. I'm not a huge Rob fan but I think he looks better with a little colour. I know Edward is supposed to be pale but I don't think being that pale is really a good look for anyone.

  4. Oh, and I think LOST is at the end of January.

    I. Can't. Wait.

  5. Oooh I love Robert Pattinson! I have just finished reading New Moon and can't wait to watch the film ;0)


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