Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Nanny Diaries

I think it was yesterday or the day before when I was switching channels and caught a quick glimpse of The  Nanny Diaries , I didn't watch it all (was again on TV not that long ago) but did remember that the house in the film had some interesting touches and off I went to find some New year inspiration. There's a fantastic kitchen, large, white with an amazing island in the middle, and such a graceful elevator entrance (I've never seen one so I'm really liking it) with a cheerful yellow patterned wallpaper. The table is a vintage library table found in poor condition and then transformed by the set decorator and topped with faux marble. Voila! A great DIY moment!
While the house in general is not really my cup of tea some details are eye catching and very very interesting indeed. And it's such a sweet movie anyway. Have you watched it? 

PS: First post of the year! Happy New Year lovely people! I don't do NY's resolutions anymore and just take everything as it comes and nothing for granted, I'm just hoping for health and happiness for my loved ones and myself and a good job ;) well let's see! And of course, lots of happiness comes through this blog for me, so thank you all for this amazing contribution! xxx All the best!


  1. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! Wishing all the best with your 2010 blogging goals. :0)

  2. How did you find those photos?! So cool. I would like to trade the kitchen and entryway for THAT CLOSET. Purrr.

    Happy SITS share day!

  3. ooooh, I like all those pics!

    Happy New Year,
    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest
    from Cairo, Egypt! :)

  4. Great photos! Especially love that kitchen!
    Thanks for stopping by; hope you'll visit again.

  5. Great pics! I might have to check out this film :)

  6. Happy belated New Year! Stopping by from SITS! I love the kitchen.

  7. yes i love that movie! these pix are great. can i have that closet please??? :)

  8. I can't see much past that closet...SWOON!


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