Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My Stuff series **Manilla Made**

Since I started blogging some months ago I have found some incredible blogs and some amazing bloggers. I am so grateful for all of this, I've heard it many times and now I can vouch for it, it's one of the most fantastic activities ever.  Full of inspiration, love, ideas and beautiful images. One of the things I love most is meeting new fellow bloggers, and a great way to do it is through "blog exchanges" as I like to call it, short interviews that allow us to meet the person behind the writing. So at the end of last year I thought I would love to have some great bloggers over and ask them some short questions. I based my questionnaire on Vanity Fair's"My Stuff" feature (which I personally love). And today, I have the lovely Helen who has Manilla Made. A beautiful blog about her handmade ethical creations and others too; a blog where you can find gorgeous little inspirational ideas that I'm sure you will love.
I contacted Helen last year (aka, last month), and she has been incredibly kind to answer the questionnaires and I'm very happy to present her to all of you. I'm hoping to have a regular series of lovely people to present you, If you'd like to participate, I'll be very happy, so just shout! **I'm really excited!**

Jeans: Pepe Brooke jeans
Underwear: Enamore
Watch: a very old DKNY
Day dress and day bag: Dress from Gap. Vintage bag from Rokit
Evening Dress: Classic LBD from French Connection
Shoes: Flat boots or pumps for the day and brightly colored high heels for the evening!

Favorite Discovery: Petit Pan 
Favorite place in the World: Amsterdam
Style Icons: Audrey Tatou and Cheryl Cole
Favorite Designer: Abigail Brown 
Favorite Movie: Amelie

Favorite Art: Danna Ray
Stationery: So many I could mention.... I Love Stationery. Louise Broomhead, Present and correct, Tara Hogen.
Flowers: Ranuculus
Perfume: Stella McCartney Nude
Moisturizer: Nothing fancy just - Olay Classic Care Double Action Day Cream
Mascara: Great Lash Mascara from Maybelline
Shampoo: Aveda Brilliant Shampoo
Soap: Rose Granati hand wash from Molton Brown

Thank you Helen so much! Your list is full of great inspirational beautiful things! Thanks for joining me!


  1. What a great idea! I'm so happy you asked me to participate!

  2. Beautiful blog here and love this series idea!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway :)

  3. Audrey Tatou is my favorite actress, great post!

  4. A lovely post. I enjoy reading about other people's favourite things. It's like taking a peek into their life. I'd love to participate if you need anybody else.

    So I'm shouting out "I'm really excited"!

  5. This is fun! I love interviews and getting to know people better.

  6. Job well done, young lady & welcome to the club. Yes... blogging is fun. My kinda activity after work.

    Just come and ask if you need something, §;-)

    Take care and enjoy.

  7. what a great post! I love to take part in this :))

  8. such a good idea! i love blogging and meeting bloggers and oh, just everything about it! such a great community of people!

  9. Fantastic...
    Tim Walker is a genius in my book!
    ~Stay lovely*

  10. Genial!!!buena idea para comenzar el año!!

  11. Beautiful list here- love this series idea!

    I would be HONORED to participate- thank you! I am working on my list as I type :)

  12. Brilliant interview! What a nice idea. I'm enjoying discovering your blog through Manilla Made :)

  13. Audrey Tautou is one of my favorites to.:)


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