Saturday, January 30, 2010


I went for a bit of Saturday shopping last weekend and I would have liked to end at Anthropologie, I didn't... anyway it wasn't about the clothes, or the jewelry or the home accents, it was about the windows displays, I have been thinking about it for days, curious to know what they have done lately in London (maybe today?). I'm always impressed with the results, I hope they pay big money the window designers!! I MEAN... who doesn't like Anthropologie and their windows, I feel like I'm 5 again drooling outside a toys shop :) 
I absolutely love the bikes and the book lanterns!

Weekend!! yay! Enjoy!!


  1. I know! Anthropologie's displays (and catalogs) are magic.

  2. i could get lost in the store for years. and also lose my life savings on a skirt.

    but it's an undying love.

    thanks for sharing your addiction too :)


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