Monday, January 11, 2010

Luxurious Fabrics

I'm torn between flowers and luxurious fabrics and wallpaper. In terms of posting, not buying or anything like that as my tight budget can't afford any kind of luxuries at the moment. So anyway, I'm torn... because I went to Selfridges the other day and I saw these beautiful flowers and then browsing I came across these beautiful fabrics, so I feel I have to choose.
Because of the colors I'll go for Schumacher & Co, yes yes that gorgeous company with amazing fabrics, wallpapers and incredible collaborations and oh so "not that great prices", yes those ones. I especially love the colaboration with Trina Turk, vivid colors and patterns of indoor and outdoor prints, inspired by the groovy poolside of LA and Palm Springs (I knew it reminded me those 1960´s). I like the classic collection, but I'm honestly loving some (most?) of the modern collection! I'm not much into wallpaper, but I would gladly put up some of these beauties. Shame it's so so so out of my reach!


  1. wow! gorgeous images! so calming too on a Monday to look at them..I could stare all day! hope you had a nice weekend!

  2. That beach chair is glorious. I need it and the beach right now!

  3. I love all of these! I'm so craving summer :)

  4. Such pretty patterns. The first one is my favourite!

  5. So inspiring! Our base color in our apt is orange and I could do SO much with fabrics...I am desperate to start decorating!

  6. these images are stunning! I'm glad I found your blog, it's lovely~


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