Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Lovely Bones

I am reading the Aurora Teagarden series by Charlaine Harris at the moment, I order them through Amazon as it seems there's only True Blood anywhere else (and because it's cheaper of course) so I try to order 2-3 books at a time as I read them too quickly. I did it before Christmas, ordered number 4 and 5 with the idea of having them for the holidays at home, finished 4 the night before I left and 5 the night I arrived... disappointing. And as I knew that I wouldn't have more Aurora to read during these days I stopped at the bookstore at the airport to pick up "something", "whatever" was my idea that would keep me distracted... I picked The Lovely Bones , it was in the top 10 and only a few were left so I thought it was popular so decent, I read the summary and seemed all right so the decision was made (it probably took me 15 minutes to decide which is not that bad considering I can spend 15 minutes in a supermarket aisle deciding which biscuits to get...). I don't do book reviews, I'm in any way that good and I don't think my opinion on books is one necessarily to follow, so this isn't by any means a review just some thoughts and a chance to share some images of 1970's lifestyle.
The Lovely Bones is a... well... lovely kind of story. It's the story of Susie, who is murdered right at the beginning and then from her heaven looks after her family, friends and murderer. I guess it's very spiritual and a very sweet story, I did like it but didn't love it. I'm very intrigued thought by the movie (all good book is made into a film these days? where is their imagination?). Big Hollywood names (Susan SarandonMark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz and the very annoying/wierd girl from Atonement). I'm expecting a bit more of clarity and I do hope Peter Jackson (who yes... is prone to long movies, aka Lord of the Rings) will do some editing and bring the most interesting parts of the book. Susan Sarandon looks great in amazing 1970's outfits that I'm really looking forward to seeing. Look at that Pucci-esque gorgeous dress and that oh so glamourous hair. I hear that some Oscar nominations might be on the way!

I kind of really like that bizarre ceiling lamp on the back.


  1. One of my readers recommended this book to me, and I've already placed it in my booklist. Haven't read it yet, but from your post, I can tell that it sounds interesting and def. a great read. I'm now in the middle of time traveler's wife, and have another 4 books to finish. After that I will get this one!


  2. I read The Lovely Bones when it came out a few years ago and it stayed with me for quite some time. I'm intrigued to see the film but I don't think it will be as touching as the book.

    I know, it's shocking how all the good books are being made into films: The Time Travellers Wife, PS I Love You, Confessions of a Shopoholic, and I saw the ITV dramatisation of Sleep With Me the other day, which I also read when it came out a few years back.

    Someone needs to write a good script for a film so there's something out there to see :)

  3. I absolutely can not wait to see this movie. I get goosebumps every time I see the commercial for it. I thought the book was very unique - that susie narrated it from touching.


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