Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cat girls

I know thiss old news, but I still wanted to share with all of you. I really like Hello Kitty, yikes! I know, almost 30... so Hello Kitty turned 35 last year and there were many events and paraphernalia going on around the world and all over the Internet, I'm sure you detected something. So eventually, at some point in the summer I stomped across a picture of Kirsten Stewart with Kitty ears, oh I loved it, I have to be honest, so I googled it and found an article at Nylon Magazine and today I found it again in my bookmarks. Eight of the favorite  NYLON girls were bestowed with Hello Kitty's famous ears and bow. Cute -even for an almost 30 year old, ok ok 20 something, ha!


  1. Awe, thanks for sharing! I am in my thirties and still love Hello Kitty as well, so dont feel embarassed! After all she is 35, so some of us have known HK for our whole lives! xoxo Jolie

  2. Too cute. Wonder how I'd look with some kitty ears...hmmm...
    XX Kate

  3. I just came across your blog and just thought these pix were too adorable! And yes...I must admit I dig hello kitty too! (my hubby actually one year got hello kitty toilet paper for me that he had to order from japan :)!

  4. Gracias por avisarme Helena, no sabía :) Es un honor!!!
    Un besote!!

  5. camilla belle is the prettiest!

  6. Camilla Belle looks gorgeous! And Lily Allen looks like they're really hers! So cute!

  7. Geniales tus lavanderías quedo con la última foto!!
    Buen fin de semana guapa!!

  8. Hello Kitty! Love it! I'm a KStew fan, but Lily Allen looks perfect in ears and a bow!

  9. Hello Kitty is a CLASSIC.

    Im a fan too!


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