Friday, January 15, 2010

Beauty... nightmare?

Yesterday I had an interesting afternoon, I went with a friend to the shops, she was after an anti-aging cream and she was after the Sisley Hydra-Global Intense Anti-Aging Hydration. She is 23 and has fabulous skin, honestly, but she wants something to prevent wrinkles and smooth expression ones (you know these annoying ones on your forehead?). Anyway so before we met she went to one shop to the Sisley counter and the woman recommended THAT cream, then we went together to another shop and the other woman recommended that same cream, only that one, she wouldn't need any other layer. It's an expensive cream so we went for a walk so she could made up her mind, she did, we went back to shop number 2 to find a third woman, who started by telling us that THAT cream wasn't enough, that we both had lines (aka: wrinkles) and that she was 38 and "look I don't have any wrinkle". By then I was starting to get mildly annoyed, I'm 27, my friend is even younger and we DON'T have wrinkles! She went on and on, buy this and that and that other... Anyway, to cut the story short, we left, went to shop number 1 and lady number 1, I told her the story and honestly she was upset and her answer was "she was jealous", well i'm sorry lady number 3, you might be 38 with no wrinkles but you didn't get our money, and sometimes I wonder how can some sale people be just so rude?
I want to try this new product from Kiehl's, the Serum that has Acai Berry and everyone is really excited about it!? has anyone tried it? It's causing a stir among celebrities and it's called a 2010 wonder product... supposedly Kiehl's has added a whopping 20% of potent acai berries... I like Kiehl's, I love their Creme du Corps but never loved their face care so I'm torn... 

I was also looking to buy the Pure Grace Perfume that Dawn, from The Alternative Wife told me was her favorite, I'm running out of my Her by Narciso Rodriguez and I thought it would be nice to try something new, I trust Dawn and I read that it smells like soap and water, or freshly washed linen so I figured why not? And let me tell you that the 2 stores I went to (I went to 4 but only 2 sell it) had sold it out, same happens all over the UK internet market :( 
Conclusion: I'm sad and angry that that moron told us we had wrinkles, how is she expecting to sell with these manners? 


  1. Sweetie Kiehl's are fab. anything from there is good but a fantastic range for our age to prevent the first fine lines is Lancome's primordiale line. I am really happy with it. Regarding lines on the forehead, they are called frown lines and no cream can make them go away. They are caused by ur facial expressions. Only botox can freeze them and it's up to the individual whether they want to have botox in their body or not. I know many who have it done and love it and I know people who are totally against it. Each to their own :)

  2. (ps. tell your friend 23 is def too young to even think about anti-aging. She should just get a very good hydrating moisturizer.

  3. Oh Dena, thanks! I kept telling her all afternoon :) There are no miracles for these things (except Botox of course)... I just use a good moisturiser to keep my skin from going crazy (especially in London) and that's pretty much all... I'll check Lancome! Thanks for the advice :)

  4. I hate when sales people just want to make money off of you! It's so rude and really annoying! Glad you found what you were looking for!

  5. Unfortunately I can't find these products in Italy....
    Happy weekend,

  6. It sounds like a horrible experience. I am considered old enough to be in the getting wrinkles portion of the ageing programme (!) and have always looked after my skin, but wrinkles form based on repeated facial expressions, so I have "laughter lines" etc. Beingdena is right, it's all about hydrating the skin. But also, slapping on the spf is so important. If I had my twenties over again, it would be spf 30 on my face all the way everyday.

  7. Funny - I'm always overwhelmed by the number of products that are deemed "necessary" for a skincare "regime". "Regime" is the right word. Sounds military! I'm using origins make a difference at the moment and I like it.

  8. Oh really? Thanks so much darling! I know the Antica profumeria del Sacro Cuore, is a fantastic store!

  9. Dawn does know a thing or 2 so I'd trust her recs too.

    I'm not sure about the Kiehl's but I'm willing to try it and let you know.

    Otherwise, yes both you and your friend (esp. your friend) are pretty young to worry about wrinkles. I think SPF is something that can't be used too early and I'm pretty religious about putting some form of that on every day.

  10. Thanks Helena & C'n C! You're too sweet :)

    There's nothing I hate more than pushy, rude salespeople. I am not a mean person but nothing makes me snap any quicker than someone insulting a person for the sake of making a dollar. Well insults in general are a bad thing, but I'm just saying... I've seriously told off numerous salespeople for this exact reason. You and your friend are gorgeous and young and have no need to worry. It's true at your age you guys should be thinking hydration & protection. Not corrective anti-aging. You have nothing to worry about. And I have tried both Kiehls products..I get to try everything for work purposes :)...and they're pretty good...I have to admit that I'm not the hugest fan of Kiehls but out of all their facial products, these are two of the best.

  11. Helena, I am not a huge fan of Kiehls. I know a lot of people that LOVE it but for me it doesn't work well. I do LOVE Clarins!!


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