Sunday, January 24, 2010


Dear ladies, get your backs out, or at least get ready for it, because apparently it's a must... or at least that's what some gorgeous ladies seem to think over at Hollywood. Yesterday were the Screen Actors Guild Awards at LA and at least three gorgeous women showed off her backs in extremely luxurious frocks! way to go, I love the look!

Kate Hudson in a wow backless (I read that some people suggested she has gained weight?? What??)
Christina Applegate in Roberto Cavalli
Stana Katic (yes yes not Mischa Barton) poor girl... she looks gorgeous though
Images: Celebrity Gossip 


  1. It's my first time on your blog and I love it already! So adorable. I love Christina Applegate's dress here, and Kate Hudson's reminds me a little bit of Hillary Swank's navy dress from the Academy Awards several years back.
    I think you'd like my new fashion blog -- hope to hear from you soon :)

  2. Oh my god. So gorgeous! And enviable!!! I love the plunging backs. And Kate Hudson looks INCREDIBLE!!! *sigh* P.S. Have you go to the Glastonbury festival? I hear those are wild and crazy and very very muddy. :)

  3. Kate Hudson is my fav.. she always looks so stunning!!!

    Love & Aloha,

  4. All 3 look amazing! I especially love Kate's hair & makeup.

  5. so elegantly sexy. i love it. backless is hard for me unfortch cause it's always an issue to do braless....i can live through these gorgeous pix though. thx! :)

  6. I think backless dresses are a great way to be sexy and elegant. Gorgeous.

  7. Backless dresses are so stunning, but oh so hard to wear! damn boobs haha

  8. just discovered your blog and realized our shared love of backless clothing! in fact i'm wearing a backless sweater now — i think it's so sexy without crossing any lines. great pictures to prove the point!

  9. I love Kate Hudson.

  10. I love everything about Kate Hudson! She still looks fabulous!!! That white dress looks stunning on her! I can't believe people say that she's put on weight.
    Backless dresses look so sexy!!


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