Monday, November 30, 2009

not that secret guity pleasure: Amazon Kindle

I love reading, it entertains me and travels me to different places, fabulous worlds, and extravagant characters, I really like buying books and their feel when you turn the pages BUT my Christmas wish list does have one an only thing (well... not really, but I try to be realistic) and that ONE thing is the Amazon Kindle, books in 60 seconds, that's what I call magic, move away Harry Potter!
And this commercial has made me wanted more and more.


Polyvore is the great discovery I've made in a long time, at least in the world of the Internet. And so in honour of this amazing discovery, this week I am going to create an outfit for every day of the week. Can't wait to start working on it!
Polyvore lets you mix and match fashion, who can save your creations and share them with the world. The possibilities are infinite, as the New York Time says "The people who go to it play fashion editor and create collages featuring pictures of clothes, accessories and models from across the Web."  Check the full article here.

Here is my Monday outfit, it was a rainy day today so I thought what best that create the best rain oufit?

 I love these J Brand jeans and this Hunter boots simply a statement piece!

Best New Moon review

By far this is the best review of New Moon, Elements of Style nailed it. Check it out here: Honesty.
I am a die hard fan, so I am a bit biased on writing anything as I don't think I would be objective so I think it's best to leave it to others.

cupcakes pictures from Leila511, BEAUTIFUL

more Monday Blues

...and yet another Monday outfit, all my favourite pieces together. I really really like this French Connection coat which is obviously sold out everywhere (mainly because it's last season's) but I'm still praying that somehow I'll find it reasonably priced somewhere.... ebay maybe?
Th Cartier Love bracelet is pure LUSH.

Shopping by nakibcn featuring Velvet

Monday Outfit

One jean, two looks, serioulsy liking these outfits.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Olivia Palermo's apartment in Tribeca - secret crush? Hermes Vintage Tray

Everyone has a crush on Olivia Palermo, the New York socialite who stars at MTV's The City. I'm going to spare you the details of her rise as that's not what I want to write about. She has amazing style definitely, Grazia magazine goes crazy about her with reason but I would like to share some of her NY's apartment today. She has - of course - an amazing walk -in closet, with a bold zebra print carpet that would make everyone smile. Genius idea? The Elfa storage system to create an open plan, clean and easy to locate wardrobe. But for sure one of the most coveted pieces is her vintage Hermes tray found in the Hamptons
Here are some pictures that for sure will be inspiring many of us.

Images from New York Post

Monday, November 23, 2009

Bella's dress

I am a big fan of Twilight, the books, the movies everything, whoever knows me, knows of this obsession. Border line to teenage obsession? maybe, but I felt so much better on Sunday when I dragged my bf to watch New Moon. It was full of perfectly sane adults, most of them women of course, but oh boy, it made me feel so much better. It is an absolute "non so secret guilty pleasure" and I'm sorry but I can't bare apologising for something that has made me smile so many time. 
So anyway, I was browsing around my favourite blogs and I stumped across a beautiful post by Green Wedding Shoes about Edward and Bella's wedding in Breaking Dawn. Reading it in the book was one of the most romantic moments of the saga and this post brings all the beauty of it.  
Can anyone imagine Bella´s dress? It seems that Instyle has the same thought (or maybe... I had the same thought as Instyle...) and they commissioned their favourite designers to sketch their ideas of how the dress should look like... my favorite? Monique Lhuillier and Lela Rose.

The dress in the book is inspired by the late 19th century (Edward´s time really) but I think Bella would look dazzling in any of these... and can you imagine Edward? I can! 
Images from InStyle

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My absolute new obsession - well...last week's obsession I must admit- is make up brushes, and I am loving the Bare Escentuals ones. BE has the absolutely best make up, it's so pure and translucent and you really see a difference wearing it, I was never a big fan of liquid/creamy foundations, mainly because I can't really master the "how to" so when I discovered BE I was marveled, 3 years have passed and I'm still as loyal as the first day. I have a couple of extra products I also use, but BE is a religion.

Their kits are marvelous and if you are a newbie, their Get started kit is the best way to try it. It includes everything you might need, two shades of bareMinerals foundation, the warmth to give you colour and the mineral veil to seal everything. Plus 3 fantastic brushes that will last forever with some little care. BE also have a fantastic brush shampoo.

Here is a mini collection of my daily make up routine.

Welcome to Polyvore!

- I use Creme de la Mer as my moisturiser, I have tried others, from Olay to La Prairie, from Clinique to Kiehls, and none works as well as la Mer for my skin.
- I recently discovered, The Sanctuary skin products (I can't have enough of their Salt Scrub) hey have a gelly product for the eyes that brightens the eyes

I dont like using many products as I'm scared they will give me allergies but these two have tested and work as they say!

- The most powerful concealer: Boin-ing by Benefit.
- BE mineral foundation comes next in Medium beige or just medium. When in the mood for some more color I also use the all over face color in  Warmth.
- MY loving Guerlain meteorites are something I absolute adore, their smell, their little box, their results, there isnt anything I could love. I use shade number 2 to give me some glow and color. 
- Finally some Mineral Veil from BE to keep everything together and some Chanel blush, in rose petale. Every girl should find a good blush that suits their colors.

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