Sunday, September 27, 2009

♥ing Flowers

I flowers and English seem to love them too. Before coming to the UK I never really noticed the existence of so many beautiful different flowers. Here you find them everywhere, from gorgeous little shops (there's the sweetest one in Borough Market, will have to google for it to get more info) and then you have flowers in every single supermarket no matter its size, even the smallest one will have some flowers, this would never happen in Spain. And then of course you have Columbia Road flower market, THE place to go for flowers, plants and everything related, will post some pictures soon. But anyway, for now I have the most gorgeous pink flowers. I wish I knew the name, I would seem so much more into flowers...!

PS: Found it! Beautiful Gladioli! They have blossomed and look gorgeous!

Cake time

Here at home we are traditionalists, well maybe it should be better to say that we are traditionalist whenever it suits us, like when it come to cake-making, aka baking! I absolutely love a good cake, I try not to abuse which means that I don't make cakes that often, but it's such fun! My Mum was here these days (which means nice nice food) and asked to have her favorite cake, the all time classic Chocolate Marble Cake, which couldn't be easier, and even though I didn't necessarily feel like baking today it's so difficult to say no sometimes and I get to use m new mould for the first time so all good. I haven't tried it yet but looks yummy and the recipe is so so so easy! The recipe is from BBC Good Food which I love with its many lovely recipes.

Straight out of the oven

The Crown

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Massimo Vignelli

2010 is fast aproaching! Oh My! Time goes by so so quickly! I've spent the afternoon looking around deco blogs, I´m so envious of all these beautiful ideas, all these beautiful renovations and all these amazing apartments.
And I found what I was looking for, well actually I found way too many things I want, need, covet! What I'm loving now are these visually penetrating calendars by Massimo Vignelli, I am really impressed with the big big one that Anna has in her living room in Door Sixteen.

Anna even kept the old month pages and used them for gift wrapping her Christmas presents. Eye candy! I looked around the net, googled, searched all the forums but I think they are not selling them in the UK, disappointment? of course but there is always a solutions to almost everything... and that is the Lollipop Shoppe´s Vignelli Max 365. Somehow I still prefer the big one and it would be so nice on a brick wall like the one we had on our previous apartment, not so sure how it would look on our white walls...

(Image from Pottery Barn)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Secret gardens

I have a huge vase at home that looks like a wine glass, do not ask how I got it as the story is embarrassing to be shared, anyway, so of course there are no flowers or plants in it, and its seating on my dressing table full with colourful necklaces and bracelets. Now though I stomped across "terrariums", HOW GORGEOUS are they! And apparently it's easy easy to build/create one, cookie mag has instructions and claims that
even a 4 year old can make... well then it can't be THAT difficult, here are the instructions.
These here are gorgeous, and I actually have a couple of these vases, of course they are in my kitchen and there is no way I will use them, I wish Ikea kept making these!

I will have to dig and find something similar, even thought to be honest I would rather make an "open roof" terrarium, it doesn't seem right to shut the poor plants in a closed recipient. This one below is more what I'm thinking about, great inspiration found at Martha Stewart Weddings.


Funiest ever Alphabet prints to hang around! I heart them!Thinking of getting H and N!!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

THE showgirl

This is going to be my next birthday cake, huge, irresistible Giant Cupcake. It´s from Lola´s Kitchen, one of the best cupcake makers in London. Who can resist a bit of a show? "Her name was Lola... she was a showgirl, with yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there" la la laaaa
18cm of yumminess in any of their amazing flavors.

Intricate beauty

I'm going absolutely crazy with something I came across yesterday on Etsy (and then Folksy). Julene is a paper-cut artist and she makes incredible little treasures to hang, to keep, to admire and to love. She is selling some litd. editions of her most popular designs on Folksy an Etsy but she can also create a custom one based on your quotes, ideas or portraits.
I really like this one above, so sweet and caring, was thinking to get one for my BF's bday but he isnt that much intot hese thinks so not sure... might still get it though eventually as a present to my home.
I would go for "It makes me… anxious… to be away from you" from Twilight but I might grow tired of it eventually, not in the immediate future, for sure, but maybe at some point, so I might stick to the ltd.ed. for now

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