Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A bit of a personal one

These past couple of weeks have been, to say the least and put it mildly, challenging. Actually scratch that, the last 3 months have been challenging due to some personal issues. I could use much stronger words, but if you follow me for a while you know I avoid sharing anything too personal on here and I especially avoid sharing the worst moments in life. We all have moments of those and this is a supposedly "inspirational" blog and I only want/tend to share nice moments that I either live myself or find around and want to share. 

Having said that, the last two or so years have been.... let's say... not the very best all around, I've had my fair share of misfortunes, my wedding was called off (yep that did happen!), I left London, my job and my friends (yes it was my choice but you get the gist) and being back home feels a bit like a step backwards (or many sometimes!). I've had great moments too these past years and I'm being greatly taken care of at home, I can't complaint, all in all I'm grateful. But life has been... challenging probably because I made it more challenging for myself but being too scared to move on and onwards and having trouble finding my way back.

I'm a naturally indecisive person and new challenges scare me which makes all of the above a bit more difficult but I try to keep positive (always!) and while I do look back quite a lot (too much sometimes, with lots of nostalgia unfortunately unfunded!) I'm sure something better things are awaiting me somewhere. Damn, those Pinterest inspirational quotes can only do so much! Plus, one always learns from the hardest moments in life, how to be better, a better person, more caring, stronger and able to cope better with anything that might come along. 

Anyway, this rant, quite longer than my shorter posts, is to say that I'm in the middle of a bit of a hard time right now, and while I want to resume blogging as usual it might not be the best time to do so, so if you want, bear with me please, I will be back. 

Thank you xxx


  1. So sorry to hear that Helena! As a reader, it always seems like your life is pinterest-worthy and going great. I love your blog and hope things start feeling better soon.

  2. Sending you the warmest thoughts and prayers.. i relate to what you're going through and i believe you will find your way out to the brighter side... and we'll be here when you get back :)

  3. Take your time, you need to re start from yourself! for blogging there is always time.
    I hope everything is going to be better soon. xx

  4. GOD, you sound a lot like me (and we have some common ground here, I didn´t marry, but broke up recently from a 12 year old relationship and let go of some friends too). You will survive Helena, I'm sure. Take your time to think and to clear your mind. You will be back stronger and (even) more able to face life's next challenges.

  5. Helena, I'm so glad you are taking time off (even though I will miss you!). I've been through rough times and can echo a lot of your sentiments and reactions. I just wanted to perhaps suggest you not pick yourself up by your boots straps this time but really take time to pray and let your heart speak how it's feeling to Jesus. I know that doesn't sound cool. But he's waiting for you! Prayers, Katie

  6. Well done you for being honest with this post. I say take your time, re-evaluate and focus on you. As much as this blogging world is an amazing one (after all, meeting fabulous ladies like yourself!) it does feel non-stop especially with social media pressure and I think time away from it all will I'm sure be a positive thing. Sending lots of hugs! x

  7. Helena, I have been reading your blog periodically for some time.. and have never commented till today. I echo your post in so many ways. After a significant break up I moved from Ottawa to Toronto, CA (my choice but same gist) and while I love the city and it has meant incredible personal growth I have never struggled so much or been so close to the edge (it's been about 2 years). Hang on and hang in there that is all we can do some times, and when we can do more and be better (so to speak) we do, there is nothing wrong with just holding on for a bit!

  8. Dear Helena, I've always been looking around for your posts. Change is often challenging and and life is full of ups and downs for everyone. Take the time you need for yourself. I wish you all the very best! xx

  9. I also had a called off wedding and dramatic move across the country back in with my parents. It ended up being the best thing that could have happened to me, but the storm is never enjoyable. Prayers to you!


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