Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The meteorites making

These little pastel powder balls are one of my favourite makeup product. These are of course the mythical Guerlain Meteorites. I was perusing the Escentual website (which I absolutely recommend for beauty goodies, they have great prices and a fantastical array of brands, including lots of French brands) when I came across a post on their blog on how these little balls are made and I found it fascinating, that much that I'm sharing with you all today. Have you tried these powder balls?

These pearls were created in 1987 by Guerlain and they are pressed powder. Each colour has a specific function, pink for glow, green to camouflage redness, gold to give an iridescent effect and white to illuminate. 

The Guerlain engineers took the idea out of how the pharma industry create their pills. The machine that manufactures the pills has a slow even rotating movement and creates little pearls that are pretty much the same size. Can you believe that each pearl is then hand finished to give it that little subtle and super round finish we know and love? 
While each coloured pearl has a specific use, when they are all mixed and swirled together in their super cute little round pot, all the colours cancel each other and they all together create a hue that illuminates the skin tone. 
The meteorites are then hand boxed in their little pots and are then ready to be enjoyed by all of us, lovers of beautiful things!

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