Monday, January 05, 2015

New Year!

Hello again friends! I'm not sure if anyone is still out there but f you are, thank you, thank you for following along all this past year and for still being here and happy new year! I hope you have enjoyed the Christmas Holidays. Around here it's been pretty relaxing and very very quiet, nothing much to report back. 

Do you have any new year resolutions? I didn't even think about them up until now, and in all honesty I don't want to put the strain on me to hold any promises I know I can't keep (because who keeps their new year's resolutions?). Having said that now that I'm here seating writing this I can think of a few things I would like to accomplish this 2015. 

BE brave(R) 

I tend to struggle with taking decisions, from what to eat for lunch, to what deodorant to pick to the more important decisions in life. This can hold me back and it can suck I won't lie... So this year I will try to look up and believe in myself and in what I can do. Or at least try, if I don't try, I won't know!

Move on

and be happy, this is very much related to being braver and to making better choices. If anyone wants to catch up, they know where I am...

Be Active and eat well

Because obviously this had to be in the list, right? Pilates, zumba and walks here I come!

Get out there and be more social! 

This is one of the big challenges I'm facing. I have great friends who mostly all live abroad and thus it is time for me to open up and be excited about new people! Yay!

Read more, blog more, be more! Be a better friend, a better daughter, a better everything, bring it on 2015, you have to be better, because it can't get any worse than these last couple of years!

Bring it on 2015! 

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  1. That sounds like a nice plan :3 fingers crossed :)

  2. Helena,
    I know you have had a tough time. It is so true that challenges, heartbreak, and struggles reveal to us our own strength when we are ready to see it…so, yes, be brave, because you already are!
    Decisions? Trust your insticts!!
    My New Years resolution? Well, this is the first year I've made one and it's to take time for myself. Try everything I've always said I would like to do. I started by signing up for a writing class. I'm just going to stay open to everything that comes my way.
    Wishing you a 2015 filled with adventure!! xo

  3. Happy New Year, one of my many resolutions is to read more too! Great post. x

    The Style Icon

  4. Thank you! Happy New Year to you too and thank you for reading the blog :) xx

  5. Thank you Debby, it's been a rough couple of years, some good things and memories but unfortunately some bad things too but I'm staying positive and I know good things will come, I'm sure about it! I know you have had your fair share of struggles but you never fail to see the world with a smile and that's really important! You have beautiful kids who brighten your life and your upbeat personality is an incredible inspiration!
    I like your New Years resolution, sometimes we are so deep into our struggles and issues that we fail to live the moment and appreciate what life offers us.
    Cheers to that dear Debby! May this year be a better one for all of us!! xxx

  6. Fingers crossed indeed!! Happy New Year!

  7. Thank you Lisa, I hope we can both fulfil our dreams and jump right into them! Happy New Year!! xx

  8. I love these images- so fearless and original! Just wanted to say I count you as brave- moving and starting a new degree all in a year post working world is no easy feat! Be courageous doesn't mean you don't feel fear but that you do what you must despite it! Well done! Good things are in store :)


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