Friday, January 23, 2015

Ideal Closet

When I saw this little fuchsia Valentino Red I immediately saved it for a future post budget doesn't allow for such a treat I'm afraid so a dream wish list is the only place it could be saved!). I love how bright and cheery it is and that it would brighten any plain and more boring look. Not that this is a boring look per se, I love the flats/sandals and I think they would look amazing with the slightly ankle grazer girlfriend jeans. I'm obviously IN LOVE with the Mulberry backpack/handbag!

The necklace is from a brand called Lionette and I first saw its pieces on the show A Hart of Dixie, I enjoy watching the fashion/outfits that the ladies wear! They all have a very different style and I love seeing all the different outfits. 


  1. Hi.
    The bag is to die for :)
    May i ask: where do you get the widget "shop the post" from?


  2. Hello lovely! Check out xxx

  3. That coat is beautiful and I am loving the shoes! Hope it's a great week for you, Helena!


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