Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Recipe: Detox Juice

I have found my new favourite juice, this yellow concoction is a super fresh boost for your body and one that has a tangy delicious taste. Only three super good-for-you ingredients and you can juice it or blend it. If you blend it you will have to add a glass of water to be able to mix well the ingredients. Now let's talk a bit about the ingredients (Disclaimer: I'm no specialist and just note a few of the benefits of each of these that I find interesting). 

Apples potentially protect you from several diseases like Parkinson's or Alzheimer. They are a rich source of fibre so they are good for your tummy too and your digestive system helping at the same time reduce cholesterol. They are pretty amazing too if you are not feeling all that well, you know what I'm talking about right? When your tummy says "no more" and you are either suffering from constipation or diarrhea. Rich in fibre remember?

Limes are sour, but definitely worth including them in your diet and not only in cocktails! Limes have amazing anti cancer properties (it's the flavonoids in them that fight it and also help reduce the growth of those pesky cancer cells!). They are also very good for your digestive system (see the trend here?), limes can help digest a heavy meal ad also help if we suffer from heavy bloating. 

Ginger can help ease the menstruation pain (who knew!?), it also can be taken to help reduce migraines and it might also reduce blood pressure (hypertension). It is also taken to reduce nauseas and vomiting and contains very potent anti-inflammatory  compounds called gingerols which for those suffering of arthritis for example might help them reduce their pain. 

Now now, this juice is all together a delicious boost of energy so no matter what you care in life, if it's the taste or the benefits of each individual ingredients, trust me and give it a try!

(makes 1 serving)

2 green apples
1 peeled lime
1 small piece of french ginger (about 1/2 inch)
1 tsp of stevia (if you don't like your juice to citrusy)


Wash the apples well and core them, cut them in 4. Peel the lime and cut them in half. Cut the piece of ginger and peel it. Place all your ingredients in your juicer and let the magic happen!
Drink fresh and enjoy.

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  1. Hi, I miss juicing! This reminded me of my well-kept (instead of well-used) juicer tucked neatly in the the corner of one shelf. Will make of it today and will use this recipe.

    Thanks, btw, for following me in one of my blogs ( http://joyshumblekitchen.blogspot.com/) I'm transferring all my recipes there and redoing it at my food blog. I hope you could also follow me there.
    It's http://www.gastronomybyjoy.com/

    Take care and might I say, I just love your blogs...


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