Friday, November 14, 2014

Minted Christmas!

It is that time of the year once again, that time when a lot of people keep thinking baffled how Christmas is just around the corner, AGAIN! Well it is and for many it is time to pick their Christmas greetings and get them ready and done. 
In Europe there isn't much of a tradition of sending Christmas Greetings, in London I might have received a few from American friends or others but I never received a large amount and I never really got to send any massively,maybe a few here and there, and that I'm definitely a bit sad about. There is something special about snail mail, and especially holiday cards. 

Which ones I love? Lots, I love the traditional ones, but also find super cute the photo cards. Very very american I know, definitely not something you see around here but is there anything cuter than a happy family, a lovely pair of smiling kids or a couple wishing you happy holidays? I had seen Minted photo cards in the past and I think I have even received them from someone and I love all the fancy, fun, whimsical designs they provide. If I was the type who sent Holiday cards my pick would be one of the below. 

There are plenty of designs to pick from, tons of colour schemes, different formats and tons of papers (including Double thick that I bet is super luxurious!). If you are not much into the photo card, there are other gorgeous designs too. 

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