Friday, August 08, 2014

Best Summer Ever: Snapshots from Sifnos - Part I

I have said it many many times, Greece is a stunning country and you should visit whenever you have a chance. It is the perfect country to make of your summer #thebestsummerever

This summer, after many years, I went back to the Cyclades, the gorgeous little islands that basque mediterranean sun, beautiful beaches and lovely scenery. More specifically, I spent 6 days in Sifnos, a lovely little island with nice sandy beaches, a beautiful town called Apollonia perched from the hill and very delicious food. 
I will split the Sifnos posts as there are many gorgeous photos I want to share with you. 
This time we stayed at Platys Gialos, a lovely long sandy beach where you can find accommodation steps away from the sea. To me being staying a few feet away from the beach is pretty much unbeatable. I definitely recommend it if you want quite and relaxing holidays, it is also perfect for families with young kids, as they can run around freely and truly enjoy your Greek holiday! 

The town is called Apollonia and is perched over the hills, there is a long narrow street called to Steno where all the shops and bars and restaurants are and it gets pretty busy in the night hours when everyone goes out to enjoy the balmy weather. There are nice places to grab something to eat and many little bars. I loved spending time at Rambagas, but more about it in my next post!

Malibu has been working this summer on the Best Summer Ever Project and has kindly asked me to put together a list of what I would consider the activities that would make MY summer the best ever and going to Sifnos for a week was definitely the big highlight!
Make sure you check out about the Malibu Best Summer Ever Project here. 


Thanks for your comments and for taking the time to read A Diary of Lovely. I hope you will be coming again soon.

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