Thursday, August 14, 2014

Best Summer Ever: Epidavros Theatre

Do you remember I told you all about my Best Summer Ever list

The one I put together in collaboration with Malibu who is organising the #bestsummer ever? 

Over the weekend I ticked off one of the activities in my list.  On Saturday we drove to Nafplio, a coastal town in the region of the Peloponese in Greece and in the evening I headed to the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros to watch the tragedy play by Euripides, The Bacchae. The Theatre of Epidavros seats about 15,000 people and the way it is built allows for perfect acoustics on all rows. No matter where you seat you can even hear the sound of the actors walking on the ground. 

When there is a play doors for spectators open at 8pm and it is the best time to enter if you want to find a good seat. Seats are given but broadly so you might want to arrive early to get the best seat in your assigned section. The Play we watched was a tragedy written by Euripides and while it wasn't my favorite I can say that it is an incredible experience to see perform in such a place. Definitely an activity that makes this the #bestsummerever

I can't wait to show you how pretty Nafplio is!

Disclaimer: This post has been written in collaboration with Malibu. All opinions my own. Thank you to the brands who support A Diary of Lovely. Make sure you check out about the Malibu Best Summer Ever Project here. 


  1. we are planning a trip to Peloponese on september, this post came in a great time. I assume the theatre is in Greek and I would not understand a word of it, but it could still be a good experience. Do you have any must do advices while we are in the area. thanks

  2. oh the Peloponese is fantastic, I can only recommend it!! Do you already have a plan? I haven't visited it all but I definitely recommend Epidavros (I'm not sure about watching a play as I'm not sure if there is any but if you do, they subtitle it in English so you would be ok!!) if not for a play a visit is a must! I would also have liked to visit Mycenes not far away. You can stay overnight in Nafplio which is about 20 minutes from Epidavros. Lovely coastal town really charming! Now what else. Definitely try going down to the Mani region, the little marina/ports of Gerolimenas and Limeni can't be beaten!! And the general area around is sublime! A beach area that I have been told is nice is Kardamyli.
    The whole area of Messinia has beautiful beaches (Voidokoilia, Foneas, Mayrobouni...). If you go down that path and you have the time you can also cross across to Elafonisos (FOR REAL!!) I so wanted to go this summer but didn't find available accommodation. The other must see around that area is Monemvasia.
    I hope this helps, there are many incredible places to visit, a good research is necessary not to miss anything though :-) Please do let me know how it goes!! Im sure you will love it!! xxx


Thanks for your comments and for taking the time to read A Diary of Lovely. I hope you will be coming again soon.

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