Friday, August 01, 2014

Best Summer Ever List

Well hello there! I'm finally back to the blog after a week in the lovely Cycladic island of Sifnos and while it was super gorgeous I will save it for another post as today I want to talk about my Summer Bucket list I have put together. 
Malibu has been working this summer on the Best Summer Ever Project and has kindly asked me to put together a list of what I would consider the activities that would make MY summer the best ever. This year I am incredibly lucky to be spending the whole of August in Greece so here goes a list of my fave things to make this 2014 Summer the most memorable yet! 

My Best Summer Ever list

1. Watch a theatre show at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus and spend the weekend in the first capital of the Hellenic Repubic: the seaside town of Nafplio. 

2. Visit the Acropolis Museum: I visited the Acropolis a couple of weeks ago but didn't have time to visit the Museum that was newly opened some years ago. I literally can't wait, not only because of what it hosts inside but also because it is an archaeological beauty set in beautiful surroundings. 

3. Dine at Varoulko, Michelin stared restaurant  and one of the best in Athens. Fresh fish is what they specialise in and I read they have an amazing prawn orzotto! 

4. Enjoy a movie at open-air cinema under the Acropolis at Thiseio cinema. Watching a movie under the stars is one of the best summer feelings ever, and watching it under the Acropolis lights is taking it one step further!

5. Indulge in a massage and facials at the Beehive Apivita Spa. Apivita is a 35 years old cosmetic/beauty Greek brand that produces all its products organically and based around nature and bees. I can't wait to spend a few hours in their recently opened Concept Store. After a long summer under the sun our skin definitely needs a bit of TLC. 

6. Enjoy delicious cocktails (Malibu anyone?) at one of the roof terraces in Athens!

7. Weekend away at one of the many Greek islands

8. Walking Athens Tour. Athens is the city I don't live in that I have spent most time. It's a large city, has a lovely historic centre and there is lots to know about. I would love to go on a walking tour to get to know it even better! I know it's super touristy but it's always nice to discover hidden gems that one might not come across alternatively. 

9.  A mani/pedi, I know I know, not the most exciting thing BUT there isn't anything more rejuvenating and refreshing than taking care of feet and hands, especially after the whole summer in the sea and sand. 

10. A bit of trekking in the mountain, a bit of biking in the fields and lots of walking gazing beautiful sceneries are definitely my must do these days! 

As I cross off my bucket list activities this summer I will make sure to share them here, all in collaboration with Malibu

Now, I won't be blogging as usual for the rest of the month but make sure you follow me on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates! 

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Malibu. All opinions my own. Thank you to the brands who support A Diary of Lovely. Make sure you check out about the Malibu Best Summer Ever Project here. 

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  1. I'd loooove to take the Athens Walking Tour....actually, ANYWHERE is Greece sounds wonderful!


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