Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Places, things, what makes my heart flutter this June

Since Pinterest allowed us to have secret boards I have created severals both for research purposes and also for me to store ideas or things I want to buy or places I want to go. You know, same as pretty much all of you, right?
Anyway, new month and here is a list of products I'm coveting, places I dream about going, and recipes I can't wait to try. 
Let me start with what I have saved for later purchased (or simply things that I love this month).

I can't see myself massively wearing this backpack, but I like the idea of it especially if you are travelling. It's sensitive price is also a must (it's not leather obviously which is reflected in the price but if you want something "just" for now I'm sure it makes the trick) and I love the shape!

I also loved these sandals, I bought a pair of Birks (I don't have them yet but I will show you when they come, I'm so so expectant because of course I never thought I would cave in and get a pair. I didn't get the uglier 2 straps version (the Arizona) but the Madrid one in white patents) but I really wanted a pair of as comfortable as possible heels for summer. I saw this pair at Oysho and they look lovely both with jeans and dresses and shorts so they came with me!

Something else that I have been eyeing for a while are Pai beauty products, especially their Camellia Rose gentle cleansing range. I have read a few good comments and would love to give it a go. I'm an unconditional Shu Uemura fan so it won't be easy to change my mind but I always like trying new products, especially with cute packaging like Pai!

Finally, one more thing I'm crazy about. These candy coloured necklaces! They are by Emily Green, and the beads are handmade! I want them ALL! These will come all they way from Australia! Australia is so cool don't you think??

Next and onto recipes I want to make this June! If I get around to actually making any of these you will definitely see them on the blog!

I want to try this mushroom and millet risotto, sounds fancy and requires some ingredients that I will probably have to buy just to make this (nutritional yeast... am I the only one who doesn't have it in her pantry) by so I sadly might give this a miss. It's by healthy food guru Natasha Corrett of Honestly Healthy Food fame so you know it should be a good choice (here is the link to her book which I would love to have a look: Honestly Healthy for Life: Healthy Alternatives for Everyday Eating)

I would also like to make these healthy-ish blueberries pancakes. I loved my coconut ones but would love another version, and these don't require buttermilk so they are winners for me!

And because let's face it, what I like, love, most is fatty food, I also want to make this mac n' cheese with mustard and bacon! YUM!

Finally places I'm dreaming of visiting and books I want to read asap!

This place in Trancoso, Brazil, is what holiday dreams are made of! Just look at it. FOR REAL!

These are the books I want to read (or plainly JUST HAVE and stare!)

First of, this French Interiors book, I love French Interiors, that's all really.

A couple of self help ones (I hate the name of this genre but I'm not sure what else these two fall...!)

and this novel/recipe book that Eleanor recommended me. It's next on my list (after I finish the Divergent trilogy which is taking me a bit longer than expected! I'm about to finish Insurgent
 and need to read Allegiant, not as fascinated as other books but still very curious about what's actually behind that wall)

Happy June loves, I'd love to know what's on your lists too!!

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