Friday, June 27, 2014

Eat in Barcelona: Basilico

I love being able to bring you ideas of things to do in Barcelona, my lovely city, there are many places to visit, incredible restaurants to dine and wine, beautiful roof terraces to enjoy your evening drink! Barcelona is a top city for most types of visitors and can cater most wishes. 
Last week for example I visited Basilico, a restaurant on the Paralel Avenue, there are many bars around the area but not many places to enjoy a nice meal in a modern setting so I was very pleasantly surprised. It's part of the Grup Andilana so I knew it would be carefully decorated and would have a smart and easy menu with local carefully selected ingredients. And I wasn't wrong!

We started by trying their famed patatas bravas (a traditional appetiser made of fried hand cut potatoes served with alioli and spiced tomato sauce).  Patatas bravas are tricky and not always a success but these were crispy outside and soft and well made inside with a delicious sauce. We also tried the fried calamari with lime alioli, I'm a fan of fan calamari and the lime addition was a nice little addition to the whole. 

We then onto beef carpaccio for me with green pistachios and caramelised modena vinegar. Such a lovely light dish, would be perfect during a summer warm evening. As mains, which by that time, we were both super full and content, I tried the duck magret with Cerdenya trinxat (a mix of potoatoes and cabbage) and mushrooms and mom had a lovely pork skewer. We both wished we were hungrier to truly enjoy properly! 
The cuisine at Basilico is a mixture of local mediterranean dishes with a touch of asias best tastes, a really lovely combination done in a very tasteful manner. 

I can't recommend it enough. Prices are reasonable and it's a great choice if you are in the area or staying around the Plaza EspaƱa neighbourhood. 


The service was welcoming and always smiling and when warm you can even enjoy your meal in the nice little area they have outside. The interiors are comfortable, with wooden tables and large mirrors, a bit dark but not too dark to make it uncomfortable. 

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  1. OMG!!! Having lived in Spain for the last 13 years, your images had me salivating especially the images of the calamari ;-)


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