Friday, May 23, 2014

Mango, the little ones and us

Last season I blogged about the Mango kids collection. I loved that mom and daughter, niece, goddaughter etc etc can potentially wear the same. Obviously not everyday but I find it sweet and cute. I especially love their shoots. And this first jacket (here is the link for the kids version, and here the link for women's one), which I actually bought. Yesterday on Facebook I asked about this other jacket and I got a general positive reaction, I tried it in store and really liked it but the red version (not the same but similar) stole my heart (it comes with a zip which I find more comfortable too). Anyway, back to the kids collection, Mango nailed it again this season, I can totally see my goddaughter wearing any of these!


The kids versions

And some of the pieces I love for us!

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