Friday, May 09, 2014

Dream Bathroom once again

I haven't done a bathroom post in a while and since I found myself dreaming of what the perfect room would be I thought it was time to create an Ideal Bathroom post once again. 
While for a small bathroom I like the idea of a cool shower, now it's dream time I'm going to go all out. 

I dream of a room with a free standing bath tub (John Louis Bathrooms has some cool ones by the way). Either black, or dark coloured, with lots of textures and colours around it to bring warmth to the room. 

I also dream of a super luxurious walk in shower. Large enough to even be able to seat! Maybe with gold or brass hardware! Or even an orange shower curtain (while technically not a walk in shower per se I love this combo here, gold and orange are to die for!)

and well who doesn't want a bath with a view? I know that I, in my dreams, have it! Imagine enjoying a hot bath while gazing through those incredible windows?

Well lovelies, I'm off to keep dreaming! 
Enjoy the weekend!

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