Friday, May 30, 2014

A home in Les Palisades: rent it for your holiday!

Today I wanted to show you a truly beautiful private home that can be rented as a vacation place in Les Palisades in LA. I was perusing, day dreaming actually, let's call it by what it really is, and I stumbled on this fantastic website with tons of gorgeous home and this one stood out. Why? I was drawn by its earthiness, the exposed natural beams, the lovely contrast between the sweet caramel woods and the darker coloured wooden floors. 

The bedrooms are serene and comfortable, in earthy tones and beautifully decorated. I love that white tufted headboard!!

and look at that exterior, wouldn't it be lovely to enjoy a bbq out here?

Happy weekend lovelies, you will find me dreaming of an LA holiday!

Via: Boutique Homes

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