Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Recipe: French Crepes

A couple of weeks ago was Shrove Tuesday and to commemorate my years in the UK, I went ahead and prepared a batch of pancakes batter. Well not exactly, I made a batch of crepes batter. Which basically means just  4 ingredients. I used the same recipe I always use, one I found in a Waitrose recipe card years ago and always loved. Easy? SUPER! Tasty? I had them for lunch the next day too, just as FYI! My mom did all the frying which is the most difficult bit so thank you Mom!!


(makes 8 crepes)

120 gr plain flour
Pinch of Salt
1 medium egg
300 ml milk
olive oil, for frying


In a large bowl sift the flour and add the salt. Make a well in the centre and place the egg and milk. Mix well with your mixer to avoid any lumps. That's pretty much it!
The Waitrose recipe (which you can find here, called for a more elaborate, more manual mixing, I prefer the quickest way to be honest). Cover with cling film and let it rest for half to one hour. 

Heat a heavy bottom pan. Pour some olive oil on some kitchen paper and wipe the pan with it, this way you avoid having too much oil on your pan but have your pan covered well enough and ready for your crepes to cook. Now, pour your batter in a 1/4 cup measure and coat the base of the pan, swirling quickly to form a crepe. Cook each side for 30 seconds and transfer to a warm plate. 
Serve hot with any toppings you want, I like them with Nutella (of course) but there are many options from sugar and lemon, to sugar and Cointreau or salty ones with cheese and bacon just to name a few. 

Enjoy any day for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Indulge!

Recipe adapted from here


Thanks for your comments and for taking the time to read A Diary of Lovely. I hope you will be coming again soon.

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