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Entrepreneurs: London Tea Club

A couple of weeks ago I received a lovely email from a reader, Cecelia, who wanted to introduce to me her company: The London Tea Club, a monthly subscription service that brings you the best handpicked tea selection. Cecelia kindly sent me a little parcel (it comes in the cutest little packaging ever, each tea comes in either a vial or a little resealable bag and there are drawstring tea bags for you to brew it as you please and little cards explaining the story of each of your teas) and agreed to answer some questions for all of us today.

Who: London Tea Club
Founded: Feb 3, 2014
Founder: Cecelia Lau
Location: London
What identifies you in one sentence: I'm a tea-drinker looking to share my love of tea with others

Who is London Tea Club? Tell us a bit who is behind the brand

I'm Cecelia and I discovered tea years ago, when friends from Iran introduced me to Persian tea. The first cup, Earl Grey sweetened with nabat and spiced with saffron, started my obsession with tea culture from from around the world. I've since experienced tea ceremony with friends in Tokyo, learned to brew chai with family in Mumbai, and sipped vintage puerh with strangers at a pop-up tea tent. 
Tea opens the senses and makes me feel grounded and connected to the people around me; London Tea Club is a project to bring this feeling of inspiration and wellness to others. 

How was LTC born? Tell us what inspires you, who inspires you and the reasons that made you launch this project. 

London Tea Club was born at a dinner party last October during a conversation about wine clubs. Tea is subtle and complex like wine, and it can be enjoyed in excess without the hangover. Having been a lifelong tea-enthusiast, I knew this was the perfect opportunity for me to source and sample teas for a living. 
In the following weeks, I found inspiration and guidance from other female entrepreneurs who made time to help - like the ladies behind Maison Miru and Green and Pleasant. I'm also constantly inspired by the dedication and and influence of writers who have made blogging a career, and the bravery of people who open their lives to adventure and uncertainty - whether they are entrepreneurs, students, travellers or new parents. 

Where do you see LTC going? What is the next step and if any at this, what is the final dream?

LTC just launched on February 3, and we're growing our membership to include lots of tea-lovers around the UK. We are planning to open membership to Europe and the US in a couple of months, and one day hope to have members from all over the world.
The journey and the adventure of starting a tea club is already a dream come true! As we grow over the next few years, we want to continue making time to travel to tea rooms and estates for inspiration to keep things fresh and interesting for all our members. 

My pack included 2 vials with English Garden and Li Shan Oolong and a little bag with Lavender Mint Tea. On Sunday, I brewed the lavender mint one and it's incredibly lovely, not too sweet but with a subtle flavour of both plants mixed together; a lovely taste. If you are a tea lover, you should definitely give the London Tea Company a go, it's a lovely way to discover new teas that Cecelia has hand picked from around the world for you to enjoy. Check out at the end of the post the exclusive offer that the London tea Club is offering to all of you, it's a great opportunity to discover this fantastic new tasty and tasteful venture. 

London Tea Club is offering all readers 5GBP off their first delivery when they join the club! Just use the code DiaryofLovely at checkout

Join the club here and check out all the teas of the club here

PS: My tea cups and individual little teapot is from Laura Ashley, remember I hosted an afternoon tea last year with some of my friends? Anyhow, it's not available anymore but there are some pretty alternatives, because it's always nicer to drink good tea in pretty cups, right?

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