Wednesday, February 05, 2014

New beauty habits

While I don't consider myself old, being in my early 30's has made me think a lot about keeping healthy and taking care of my skin and body. I don't exercise much, I'm guilty of that, I walk but besides that I lead a very sedentary lifestyle which annoys me to no end. 
To try to minimise the impact of my lack of exercise and to improve my health habits I have started some new routines. 

Firstly I have started dry brushing my skin. I read about it all over and all the raves. Once a day I use my natural bristle brush and I brush all my body, it sounds so bizarre but the benefits as you might know are many: helps banish cellulite (by buffing away dead skin), evens the skin tone and boosts circulation which is great to help the body get rid of toxins. So if all the above is true I'm all for taking care of my largest organ in my body, my skin. You should only brush toward the heart making long strokes. Once or even twice a day avoiding getting your brush wet.

The second habit I have tried to adopt is cleaning my face more thoroughly and using a face mask once a week. I'm considering the Clarisonic but still haven't made up my mind so meanwhile I use masks to clean up my face and clear up any blemishes and pores. Here your help would be appreciated, if you made it this long taking into account my posts are usually a lot shorter! What do you do to minimise your pores?

Finally I have taken to drinking warm lemon water every morning. I always loved lemon so for me that's a great one, I had never thought of trying it in warm water and it's probably not the nicest way to drink it but the benefits are many:
Boosts immune system, lemons are high in Vitamin C and potassium and these are great to fight colds and stimulate brain and nerve function.
Balances pH thanks to its alkaline power
Helps with weight loss, helping you fight food cravings
Aids Digestion
Acts as a natural diuretic which is always a plus to keep that part of the body healthy
Clears skin, helping decrease wrinkled and blemishes!
And many other benefits that you can read all over the Internet so friends put a lemon in your life, because lemons aren't always sour ;)
When life gives you lemons... make hot water!

warm lemon water and dry brushing

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  1. Hi Helena! Useful tips! I also try to follow the warm water with lemon advice every morning. For the pores I do a facial scrub followed by a facial mask, once or twice a week.

  2. Hi Maryaz, so SORRY for the massive delay, what kind of facial scrub do you use?? xxx


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