Friday, January 17, 2014

Fun Paint Party

This is such a fun project for the kiddos. 
I have been so out of the blogosphere and anything fun these last 12 months (back in business though, be happy is my motto!) that I had not read any of the online magazines in months. So when I came across a fun bathroom on Rue Magazine I looked a bit further and discovered that floral heaven was the home of Tiffany Pratt. I looked a bit more and found this super fun kid's paint party, oh my, that's something I could even love (and let me tell you my OCD doesn't allow me to get dirty! ha!). I have always toyed with the idea of the Colour Race, this is a better version of it, all the colour fun without having to run? FUN TIMES! and look at the little ones, they couldn't be happier. If like me, you didn't know who Tiffany Pratt is and does I urge to check her blog out to be immersed in a world of beauty and creativity!

Concept and Production by Tiffany Pratt
Photography by 3 Photography

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