Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Layer the rugs

This is no new topic, it's one long discussed and featured on blogs and decor publications but it's one I like and as always, anything I like has to make an appearance. I'm talking about layered rugs. It's been a trend (I don't like calling it trend because I think it's an atemporal look) that has been popping up for a while now, for a long long while. The look I like the most is the earthy rug paired with a more etnic one, I'm sure it's your favourite look too and the most common apparently. The addition of textures and colours ads warmth and depth to any room and looks great everywhere, can easily change anything from a living room to a bedroom and make it more lived in which is a look many of us try to achieve effortlessly. Amber of Amber Interiors uses it very very nicely in her own home and in many of her projects, I love it here in a nursery. Beautiful addition of colour while maintaining a neutral vivid palette. 

There are LOTS of choices in the market, sisal rugs are great as base layers, nut classic wool carpets also make a great option if that's what you already have at home. A colourful top layer will add colour and if it's a shaggy one also texture. If you prefer more subdued decor, a texture-texture combo is also an option. 
Some of my pairings. 


  1. i love this idea! going to Pin a few of these images now :)

  2. This is exactly what I'm trying to do to my apartment, but I don't have a creative vision like this! My boyfriend and I have been trying to find some creative rug ideas for awhile now. Thanks so much for the inspiration, I can't wait to show him!

  3. this is what I call "plug in" your SEO link ;) anyway, at least its done somehow "creatively"

  4. go for it Jaime! :) Hope you are well!! xx

  5. So I had a layered rug- LOVED it, BUT I couldn't figure out how to keep the top rug from bunching and moving. You can kinda tell in the bottom pic- the top rug doesn't stay put. Any insider advice?? I had to remove the top rug- a rug pad did not work. THANKS!!

  6. Hi Karen, interesting question! I just layered two rugs at home and the top one is quite heavy so it doesn't seem to be moving. Have your tried rug tape? I think it could work if you used a bit on the corners. Let me know how it goes :) xx


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