Thursday, October 03, 2013

Beauty tips

Most of us follow a beauty routine, we all want to look at our best as much as possible. We know we have to clean our tools, and remove our make up at night but what are the top beauty rules every woman should follow? Here is the lowdown on some basic but really good beauty tips

Clean your make up tools: Obvious but basic. I clean my brushes with a mild soap as often as I can, the amount of bacteria that can breed on it is incredible and none of us wants to use dirty tools for our precious skin.  

Avoid shaving redness. Armpits are one of the most delicate areas of our body and when shaving we should take extra care. How? A good trick is to shave them after standing under warm water for a few minutes. The heat will open your hair follicles and it will make the shaving less coarse. Win win!

Apply mascara to fake eye lashes. Right, I had no idea about this one, probably because I have never used fake eyelashes, but I know lots of you do so if you want your fake lashes to stick and merge better apply mascara to your natural lashes first. Both will blend better and will give you a more natural look. 

Rescue your dry feet! I suffer from this, especially after spending the whole summer in and out of the water and in sandals all day. Solve it by massaging them with a lanolin based lotion. Lanolin is a wool grease that moisturises exceptionally well. 

Now onto hair care tips! How can you avoid greasy hair? That's one thing that bothers me a lot. The most pragmatic rule is to stop playing with it because the oil from our hands rubs off directly onto our locks making them greasy. Pretty obvious too but most of us forget and keep touching our mane constantly- DON’T. Another basic is to only apply conditioner on the ends and avoid the roots at all cost. 

Camouflage your roots. Oh those roots! I stopped dying my hair 7 years ago and it saved me lots of money, time and problems, however I'm sure I will have to start dying it again soon as some white hairs have made an appearance. A good tip to camouflage your darker roots is to part your hair by doing a simple zig zag. Another option is to add volume to your hair, I know this is the holy grail for lots of us and an easy way to achieve this is to blow dry our hair upside down!

Split ends? Yes we all have them, unless we cut our hair extremely often. Ways to deal with it? Very good care of your hair, sounds obvious but using less shampoo works miracles. If you often use a hair straightener or blow r dry your hair make sure you use a heavy repair cream to bolt in moisture. 

Frizz! Oh no! Look out for a protein-based conditioner, it will keep your frizz at bay and also add a lovely shine to your mane! 

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  1. Thanks lovely!! The feet tip is the best right? Wish I had know during the summer! They suffered greatly!


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