Friday, October 25, 2013

A Botswana Virtual Suitcase

Trips of a lifetime for most people come a few times in life. A honeymoon, an anniversary trip, for some its even something more regular. Botswana was never high on my to-go list but since the people at Sanctuary Retreats invited me to virtual jet with all of you to such exotic destination I couldn't say no. They asked me to pack my #virtualsuitcase (no weight limits!) and see what I would take with me to such a paradise. 
I started brainstorming and realised I pretty much had no idea what I would need, I only knew that it's a long plane trip and I would need to be comfortable, hence some pretty basics.

Can you imagine taking in this incredible sunset? I can't think of anything more magical. Sanctuary Retreats offer several Botswana holidays and there is something for everyone. There is the adventurous safari but also the most subdued and romantic option. For me it was easy, I wanted a bit of everything and in an ideal world I would like to see it all, this is why I was tasked to pack for a 7 day trip and enjoy all the Highlights of this incredible country. In this suitcase, money and weight are not an issue, what a dream, check out some of the things I would pack with me in my #virtualsuitcase. 

Bikini | Tee | Necklace | Shorts | Skirt | Trainers | Bag | Self Tanning lotion | Nars Duo | Sunglasses | Binoculars | Hat | Suncream

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Post Sponsored by Sanctuary Retreats. All views and product choices my own. 

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  1. Take me take me! I'll go pack my virtual suitcase too! xo


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