Friday, September 06, 2013

My weightless suitcase

One of the imperative things need when travelling a bit (or a lot) is a lightweight suitcase. Especially with budget airlines being so tough with their wight allowance you can't afford to have a massively large or incredibly heavy empty suitcase, right? For a very long time I was looking for a medium size suitcase, good for a week or so trip, lightweight enough to take with me all my essentials. Enter Revelation, part of the Anlter family, and I got my perfect sized, super light and fun suitcase. My Revelation Weightless medium suitcase only weights 2.1 kg (which means at least 18 kg for my stuff and even 21kg with BA!), has four wheels which let me tell you is the BEST ever, and is the perfect size for a week away. Exactly what I needed, can't wait to take it m¡with me in many travels to come!

Disclaimer: I was given the Revelation suitcase to review, was able to pick the one I wanted myself and all opinions are my own. 


  1. My major gripe with suitcases is that they are too heavy! For years I only travelled with grips to save precious weight (and even then I resorted to tears at the air France check in!). These days I have a great antler suitcase that is just right for DT and I for a week away (I'm still trying to find the elusive carry on only travel bag - I'm thinking longchamp - the dream is to never check!), but when it die I will definitely check this out for longer trips x


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